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A makeup artist tells us how to properly cover and hide pimples

Despite your best skincare efforts, sometimes you look in the mirror and find a terrible pimple staring at you. Whether it’s a single blemish or a complete rash, pimples can be serious trust killers. Fortunately, makeup can work wonders in these situations. When you’ve got the right concealer on hand and you’ve nailed your technique, there’s no blemish you can’t handle.

To find out step by step the perfect zit coverage process, we spoke with cosmetologist Shay Sausser of The Detox Market. He reads on to find all of Sausser’s best concealer tips and tricks, from the best products to use to the mistakes you should never make.

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Choosing the right concealer to cover a pimple

Before you can start hiding your pimples, you’ll need to choose the perfect product for the job. While the right type of makeup for you will depend on your skin type, needs and personal preferences, Sausser says “creamy, buildable concealers” are typically the best choice for covering pimples. He recommends Kosas Revealer Concealer or RMS UnCoverup, noting that they “offer tremendous coverage”.

Of course, you will also want to make sure you choose the concealer that best suits your skin tone. Pay attention to your shades! If your veins are more blue or purple, you probably have a cool undertone; if they are green, keep the tones warm. A mix of both means you’re in luck – you have a neutral complexion, so you can go either way.

How to apply concealer on a pimple

The first thing is the first: Sausser says that before applying makeup, you should always start with a clean face. Once you’ve made sure your skin has been properly cleansed and you’ve completed your skincare routine, it’s time to hide! You could start with a green concealer. While this step isn’t necessary, Sausser notes that it “fights redness”. Good to know! “After that, you can apply the concealer to the pimple and let it sit for a few minutes,” he says.

“Once the concealer has dried a bit, blend it around the pimple, just along the edge,” explains Sausser, explaining that this “will give maximum coverage to the breakout but look natural rather than wrapping the pimple.” It looks perfect!

Once you’ve applied and blended the concealer, you can proceed with the rest of your makeup routine, starting with your foundation or tinted moisturizer.

Mistakes to avoid when covering a pimple

Sausser warns of some pitfalls to avoid when hiding imperfections. First off, he says you should never wear makeup on an unwashed face or open breakout. This will cause more skin problems for you in the long run. “If the makeup goes into the open breakout, it will take longer to heal and could leave a scar,” he explains. Plus, it’ll make coverage more difficult: “Whatever trick you put on it, it’s not going to go on that easily.” Noticed!

Finally, if you want clearer skin, you should avoid picking up your rashes as much as possible. Remember, the better you allow your pimples to heal, the less you have to worry about hiding them! Sausser suggests using Hero Cosmetics’ Mighty Patch for faster healing. “They’re super easy to use and they also help treat any breakouts,” he says. “I like to apply mine at night, then the next day the pimple will be significantly smaller and it will be much easier to apply makeup.” Love that!

Of course, the ultimate goal is a beautiful, clear complexion that you don’t have to cover, and the best way to achieve that is to take care of your skin with a killer skincare routine. But pimples do happen and when they do, using Sausser’s advice will make hiding them a breeze.

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