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A new apprenticeship for young artists arrives in York

A new apprenticeship will be available in July for young creatives in York.

Helen Tafesse, owner of Older & Wiser Co., a York-based visual design company, said that “the desire to create this apprenticeship was born of all the passion that I have built up from other people.”

Tafesse said she spent time in the Midwest, “dabbling in the creative world while attending a sabbatical program” and found much encouragement from creative directors to grow her artistic side – a side she says she doesn’t like. I fully realize I own.

Helen Tafesse, owner of Older & Wiser Co., a visual design company in York.

“The way they gave me the opportunity to grow and pushed me beyond the limits I thought I existed has changed the course of my entire life. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true, ”she said. “I wouldn’t do half of the things I am now if someone else hadn’t looked at my potential and called or worked with me and given me the courage to improve.”

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