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Apple Insider Fuels New iPhone 14 Price Fears

While the iPhone 14 leaks have created a lot of excitement, they have also raised fears that Apple intends to raise prices significantly. And now new information has intensified those fears.

A popular industry insider @TheGalox_ A breakdown of the flagship iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max specifications has been announced, and the most eye-opening aspect is their prices: $1099 and $1199.

Both of these prices represent a $100 / about 10% increase over the iPhone 13 Pro ($999) and iPhone 13 Pro Max ($1099). They match the higher iPhone 14 Pro prices first revealed by LeaksApplePro in January and a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman that the new iPhone 14 Max will be $200-300 more expensive than the iPhone 13 Mini it replaces.

If correct, it will be the first time since 2018 that Apple has increased the price of its iPhone Pro range and the first time that the company has launched three iPhones at higher prices than its predecessors.

The good news is that the iPhone 14 is set to match the iPhone 13’s $799 asking price. As the two models look virtually indistinguishable, the upgrade here is a tough sell. The iPhone 13 is likely to stick around at a lower price, especially after the launch of the iPhone 14 lineup.

And let me point out another telltale sign: This week Apple raised iPhone 13 prices in Japan by nearly 20%. Japan is one of the few countries where iPhone prices are lower than the US. The yen has fallen about 15% against the dollar in 2022, but the dollar has gained against a lot of currencies this year and it’s extremely rare for Apple to change prices mid-cycle.

So while the move is timely, it also quietly lays the groundwork for a more expensive iPhone 14 lineup in one of the most volatile countries.

Is the iPhone 14 lineup worth this potential increase? Yes and no. As far as we know, the Pro models are the movers and shakers that get a new design, supersized rear cameras and exclusive use of Apple’s A16 chipset. The standard models look to be a solid sell, but the elephant in the room is USB-C which could leave everything with legacy ports as early as next year.


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