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Architect-turned-artist Mehrad Nasr leaves viewers mesmerized by his minimalist visual art

(Editorial YourDigitalWall): – Melbourne, Australia, June 21, 2022 ( – Mehrad Nasr has a rare talent. His art materializes the philosophy of “less is more”. The minimalist art produced by this architect turned artist leaves people spellbound. Beauty lies in simplicity and the most beautiful thing can be done from a simple straight line if you have the artistry and vision required to create such beauty. 32-year-old artist Mehrad Nasr visualizes life’s deepest moments for the world through his digital drawings. His work by him expresses the essence of daily life, the always cherished moments and the feelings that connect hearts. His efficient technique with lines made him prominent in the art community. Having learned to draw in his childhood, he never stopped. He experimented with many techniques and worked with various mediums of visual art until he reached sublimity in this craft.

While studying architecture, he began learning about minimalist art forms and discovered his innate talent for line art, which ultimately transformed his life. He was intrigued by the concept of simplifying art forms without losing their meaning. His audience loves and admires his narrative approach to drawing. The subjects he chooses to represent are often polar contrasts. Sometimes he chooses ideal beauty as the subject, other times the impurity of reality. This breadth demonstrates the artist’s versatility and his deeply passionate craftsmanship.

Taking inspiration from artists like Picasso, he continues to translate his imagination onto a digital canvas. Believing in the “less is more” philosophy, artist Mehrad Nasr incorporates this attitude into his work so that this philosophy materializes in each piece. The contours of him drawn by him, rendered with a single color, are impactful and have a sensorial beauty. His brilliance in drawing is unique and therefore his work has been exhibited and appreciated on several social media platforms. If you want to see his works and learn more about him, follow the artist on social media – Instagram, Twitter and YouTube – or visit his personal website.

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Tue 21 Jun 2022

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