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Around the World in 80 Canvases: Artist Liz Roth’s Mainsite Show Presents Vivid Landscapes | News

We all see our part of the globe differently.

The Nashville skyline is not the same as the one we can see from Ten Mile Flats. The majesty of the Grand Canyon can be matched by other views on the other side of the world. From Oregon to Florida, every state in the United States has landscape views that differ greatly.

Capturing these visual treasures has challenged artists for thousands of years. Liz Roth is one of these who live in our day.

He has an exhibition of his talented work now at the Mainsite Contemporary Art Gallery, 122 E. Main St. It is titled “Understanding Place: Perspectives” and is on display until July 9th. The closing reception for the exhibition will be on the night of the Art Walk on July 8. Jennifer Scanlan curated the exhibition.

Roth’s paintings, prints, and landscape drawings from Colorado to the People’s Republic of China are notable for his keen eye, bold use of color, and atypical knowledge of geomorphology. Curator Scanlan explained Roth’s good eyes.

“One of the things that fascinates me about the way Roth creates landscapes is his choice of colors,” Scanlon said. “I think it’s really special to her. Sometimes it hits you immediately or it might take a while, but there are colors you wouldn’t necessarily see yourself. “

These include shades of poison apple green and hyper pink in a couple of Okie oil stain landscapes.

“If you were in that space, he added a bright purple, orange or pink in a way that I find is more related to an emotion,” he said. “This is a photo of oil drilling and the very dirty pink is coming out of the gouges caused by the truck wheels in the dirt. Offset some of the other earth tones you are seeing. There are dissonant screams that add a layer of emotion. Its choice of colors adds all kinds of extra sensations. Distilled as it is, she used color very effectively. “

Roth has traveled extensively and studied extensively for the making of these images. Born in New York, he is an associate professor of painting and drawing at Oklahoma State University.

She is known in the geology department there because Roth took classes in the discipline delving into the weeds of her subject. The artist went on geology expeditions with her professors. She delves into learning how her matter was formed.

Part of the exhibition includes his notebooks and sketch pads with detailed scientific and cultural annotations for viewers to read.

Roth visited all 50 states for a 2008 series titled “America 101,” which was included in its entirety in the exhibit. Each state boasts its own little image of a landscape that Roth has chosen to stop and represent.

Its artist’s statement states that the series’ intent is to “… create scenes that emphasize environmental losses due to consumerism.” None of this is immediately apparent to this inexperienced eye. The delightful miniature paintings are glimpses of our land from the sea to the shining sea.

“The scenery in the show is beautiful,” Scanlan said. “Liz captured some truly stunning views. She has traveled to places around the world – the American West, Oklahoma and worked on her latest series, “40th Parallel North,” which she considers that global parallel – but actually worldwide. She captured these views in her very special way of hers. I think people will really appreciate the beauty of these.

Roth’s creative process follows many steps that most visual artists undoubtedly don’t.

“A really fascinating insight into Liz, her artistic methodology and her mind is the inclusion of many of her sketchbooks,” Scanlan said. “We have the real books here for people to look at. We have a video that takes you page by page with quick renders of the images right in front of her so that she can understand where she is.

“They are also diaries, so he talks about his experiences. Liz is very funny, so there are funny accounts. Very personal things about her travels to these places. She constantly draws during her travels. It is a deep look into the eyes of an artist beyond the finished work “.

Roth’s canon of work goes beyond landscapes, notably including several series of portraits of people’s faces: OSU students, coffee shop patrons, and, unexpectedly, Wisconsin Department of Transportation civil servants.

The Mainsite show is a visual travelogue.

“We were particularly interested in all the ways Liz looks at landscapes,” Scanlan said. “They moved and focused on her attention on the Grand Canyon with its incredible views and the geology of the things below, which she really knows. She made her feel more comfortable recreating it in her art than her. And then a focus on Oklahoma. She really shows how her focus has changed, changed and deepened. It is a chronological tour, but also a great tour around the world ”.

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