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Artist, 90 years old, wins first place for watercolor painting | News

Helen Morr has enjoyed painting since her youth. But it was only recently, at the age of 90, that she finally realized how beautiful her works of art are.

A self-described perfectionist who loves nature, Morr was honored in first place for her floral work titled “Cactus Blossom” at the Brevard Watercolor Society’s annual Splash Display spring event. She was awarded a $ 250 cash prize, a $ 250 credit from a local frame store, and a blue ribbon for her painting of her.

“I wasn’t expecting that, and it was a real shock, but I was thrilled when I found out that I had won my first place overall for first place,” said the Suntree resident. Morr said her friend and fellow artist, Margie Carey, encouraged her to get into the painting.

“He told me you can now put that beautiful piece in,” said Morr, who has received several honorable mentions over the past years for his paintings but has never won a first prize.

Morr said she didn’t have much time during her youth or married years while raising her children to pursue painting. She eventually decided to devote herself more to her passion than her after moving to Suntree after her retirement when she was 70. She became a member of the Brevard Watercolor Society and has been involved with other guilds and artist groups in recent years. She now attends a weekly arts gathering at Suntree Advent Lutheran Church and she loved being part of the tight-knit little group she said she made great friends with.

His paintings can also be found exhibited in the church.

Morr’s connection with art began when he was only 5, living in a two-story apartment with his parents in St. Louis.

“I remember finding a can of red enamel paint in the basement and proceeded to paint a stain on the side of the building. Needless to say, my parents weren’t that happy with my artistic antics, “she said and laughed.

His subjects include everything from outdoor landscapes, flowers, animals, buildings, barns and many varieties of foliage and nature, even coconuts.

Donna Hartman, president of the nonprofit Brevard Watercolor Society, said she was thrilled when Morr joined the group.

“His talent is extraordinary and he is a great addition to our wonderful group of artists.”

“The detail and depth of his watercolors are truly incredible, not just for his age, but for anyone. She is extremely talented and I am honored to know such an amazing artist, “said her close neighbor Donna Greene.” I kept telling her how good she really was, and I hope now she finally believes it. “

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