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Artist Joshua Smith needs € 40,000 to open Cork’s first lowbrow pop art gallery

A local artist has launched an ambitious GoFundMe campaign in an effort to raise € 40,000 to open Cork’s first art gallery and café dedicated to pop art, pop surrealism, lowbrow art and the macabre.

However, if Joshua Smith’s idea captures the imagination of enough supporters, it could create five new jobs by adding something truly unique to the Cork visitor experience.

Smith (41) moved to Leeside from Los Angeles 12 years ago, after falling in love with Cork, and works as a spray painter at a kitchen manufacturing company. He recently bought a house in Macroom, where he lives with his wife in between trips.

It was these trips that led him to think about what Cork’s art scene has to offer visitors.

“Although I have no formal education in art, I am a painter myself. Mainly pop art and pop surrealism “. Joshua told Yay Cork.

“I am inspired by artists like Jordan Nickel aka Pose, Tristan Eaton and Camill d Errico. I am also a huge fan of tattoo style artwork. I worked extensively as a body piercer before moving to Ireland.

“My wife and I travel a lot. And every place or city we visit, I buy a work of art to take home, to remember the place. What I have noticed, especially in America, is that almost everywhere we have had an art or cultural district; a large section of the city dedicated to the arts with small galleries, cafes and trendy restaurants.

Frustrated by Cork’s lack of innovation in the gallery space, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“Why not Cork City?”

“Why not Cork City? We have the best art school in the country. It makes no sense that the city no longer has an art scene. ”He said.

Joshua’s campaign has already sparked a lot of interest locally with donations starting to appear. The funds raised will be used to secure the premises and pay for the renovation of the building, the shipment of works of art inside and outside the country, as well as the payment of the artists for their installation.

“The gallery will also have a space for artists’ studios, separated from the public areas,” Joshua said.

“As well as their kitchen and bathrooms. I am planning to have a small bar serving specialty coffees along with wine and select craft beers on site. “

The plan is to organize six large open nights per year showing works of art by local and international artists and 12 open calls per year by local artists.

Joshua hopes that a new gallery, “a place with great art, great drinks and great music, a fun and stylish place, something new and out of the ordinary for Cork” will be the first step in building a district. in Cork for the future.

If the idea catches on, he estimates it could create as many as five new full-time jobs.

“We will primarily work with local groups, artists and companies to grow our community and business in the area,” he says.

If you want to help Joshua get Cork’s first lowbrow art gallery off the ground, you can make a donation through GoFundMe.

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