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Artist Michael Hensen advances to the semifinals for the Opening Act 2022

Ukulele artist and singer Michael Hensen

Michael Hensen’s opening performance at The Bunker, Va Beach.

Virginia Beach artist and performer Michael Hensen advances to the final stages of the Opening Act 2022 competition. Placing 8th last year, he hopes to make it to the final.

There is a naturalness in your music that I cannot define, but that catches my attention. It seems to me that you have a situation that challenges the music industry. “

– Ayhan Orhuntaş

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2022 / – Artist Michael Hensen is in the running to be the Opening Act ™ at Audacy’s (formerly annual Hollywood Bowl concert. Friday was the second big cut in the competition. Michael has now made it to the third round. Currently, Michael is in 9th place and it is already a tight race, every vote counts. Total Aspect Records is looking forward to debuting with Michael Hensen at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angelos, California.

Many people know that Michael is a songwriter and realize that music and his competitive being are somehow far from his hopes and aspirations. Music has always been an outlet for creativity, sharing and unity. He has always hoped to use music to bring people together. However, the competition somehow pushes you to higher levels and many of you have made it possible. The Total Aspect Records promotion team and Michael Hensen appreciate the support.

“Singles Dance, Champions, Drag Me Down and Lost Again” are now appearing before a wider audience. Song plays have increased, on some songs including “Singles Dance” which has now been shared more than 60 times (and this doesn’t include re-shares) and has over 50 real comments and interactions. We’ve seen over 8,000 plays on Soundcloud and Spotify, in no time. Additionally, the song “It’s All Good” has had the same surge in interest in the music video. Singles Dance, the Live Lyric Video, also had over 2600 views in just a few weeks. We appreciate all the exposure and interest that has come from participating in this contest and hope to see continued support in the coming rounds. Consider voting to continue supporting Michael and the music.

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Thanks again for supporting Michael Hensen in the Opening Act 2022 contest.

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Singles Dance – Live lyric video

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