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Artist of the Month: Marie-Pierre Flipo-Bergeron – Jasper’s source for news, sports, art, culture and more

Photo provided by the musician

Marianne Garrah | Special for Fitzhugh

Q: When did you start creating?

A: To be honest, I probably started singing very early. My parents always told me that I sang wherever I went. When I was five, I went to a lip sync TV show singing a France Gall song, “Ella, elle a”, a song about Ella Fitzgerald. I’ve always loved jazzy and soulful voices. I remember one of the first songs I wrote was during a trip to Europe. I am inspired when I travel, but now that I have settled in Jasper, I also feed on the stories of other people. Fun fact: my nickname at home in the province of Quebec was Jukeboxe!

Q: What medium do you work in?

A: I am a musician. My voice is my main medium with a guitar to play the melody. I also take care of writing my songs.

Q: Mentors?

A: Over time I have met many extraordinary musicians or music lovers, not many mentors but fantastic people who believed in me. My friends and my partner encourage me to keep playing.

Q: Has your practice changed over the years?

A: Absolutely, I write and play more often now, mostly in the last five years. I usually play covers that I will transform to suit my voice and the style I am looking for. I could play an hour or two a day looking for new songs or make some personal changes to a particular song.

Q: Jasper has a lot of creative people. How do you show your work?

A: I started playing at Alpine Summit Seniors Lodge and then at Wildflowers Nursery. It was perfect for bolstering my confidence in playing solo. Then I started playing in many different venues like restaurants in town, The Olive Bistro, Elk Village, Maligne Canyon, Terra, Culture Days and even Francophone celebrations! I make myself available for reservations and always work to build a playlist that fits the atmosphere of the place.

D: Where would you like your art to take you?

A: I would love to build on more of my songs and potentially play at music festivals. I love playing in Jasper and everyone is so supportive!

Q: What is your dream project?

A: I’d like to be surrounded by a full band and play some blues, jazz, motown … if ever there was a chance. For now, I enjoy playing alone or have great friends joining me for bigger events or just for fun!

Q: The best advice you would give to someone starting out.

A: The best advice is to keep playing even if you make a mistake. Most likely people won’t even notice. If you love what you do, you will see. Passion is important!

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