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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot Price Analysis

Bitcoin analysis

Bitcoin’s price finished slightly in the green on Sunday for the third time in the last four days and was +$65.8 as traders settled in BTC on Sunday.

This Monday we are leading a new week of price analysis with the BTC/USD 1D chart below Tradingshot. The price of BTC is trading between the 0 Fibonacci levels [$17,575.95] and 0.236 [$24,813.07]At the time of writing.

Bitcoin’s price was in a tight range until mid-July, and that continued into the weekend. A primary target for bullish traders to snap this range is 0.236. That level has been highly regarded as overhead support thus far in the recent bullish rally. A secondary target overhead for bullish Bitcoin market participants is 0.382 [$29,344.78] with a third target of 0.5 [$32,926.3].

Bearish traders have another vision, that vision is to send the price of BTC back below the $20k level and retest the 12-month low at the 0 Fibonacci level before causing further damage and a new low.

Bitcoin analysis

The Fear and Greed Index equals 30 Fear and Sunday readings.

Fear and greed

Bitcoin’s Moving Averages: 5-Day [$22,978.78]20-day [$22,186.76]50-day [$23,271.88]100-day [$30,679.27]200-day [$38,942.00]Year to date [$34,271.65].

BTC’s 24-hour price range is $22,836-$23,435 and its 7-day price range is $22,526-$23,561. Bitcoin’s 52-week price range is $17,611-$69,044.

Bitcoin price was $43,770 on this date last year.

The average price of BTC in the last 30 days is $22,175.3 and its +12.6% in the same time frame.

Bitcoin price [+0.28%] It closed its daily candle at $23,177.9 on Sunday.

Ethereum analysis

The price of Ether closed in positive figures for the second time in the last three days on Sunday and +$9.71.

The second chart for this Monday is the ETH/USD 8HR chart below for analysis harrisonhbn9718. The price of ETH is trading between the 0.236 fib level [$1,691.99] and 0 [$1,796.01].

Bullish Ether traders have been rejected several times at the $1,8k level and they need to overcome it to spark a big medium-term rally. Above that level targets -0.273 [$1,916.32] and -0.618 [$2,068.38].

Conversely, bearish traders targeting the ETH market low are targeting 0.236, 0.382. [$1,627.65]and 0.5 [$1,575.64] Next.

Ethereum analysis

Ether’s moving averages: 5-day [$1,637.93]20-day [$1,478.05]50-day [$1,414.58]100-day [$2,083.92]200-day [$2,793.81]Year to date [$2,372.83].

ETH’s 24-hour price range is $1,668-$1,729 and its 7-day price range is $1,574-$1,738. Ether’s 52-week price range is $883.62-$4,878.

The price of ETH on this date in 2021 was $3,013.69.

The average price of ETH in the last 30 days is $1,471.38 and +43.8% in the same period.

Ether price [+0.57%] Sunday closed its daily candle at $1,700.27.

Polkadot analysis

Polkadot’s price closed at the highest level in the weekly time frame since Sunday, May 30 and closed its daily trading session +$0.022.

The third project we are looking at today is the polkadot and DOT/USD 1D chart below Edgar Tigranyan. The price of DOT is trading between 38.20% [$8.25] and 50.00% [$8.95]At the time of writing.

Targets of DOT overhead are 50.00%, 61.80% [$9.64]and 78.60% [$10.63].

Bearish traders at odds with bulls are looking to end the recent bullish momentum. Bearish polkadot market participants have downside targets of 38.20%, 23.60%, and a full recovery of 0.00%. [$6.00].

Polkadot analysis

PolkadotMoving averages: 5-day [$8.2]20-day [$7.43]50-day [$7.82]100-day [$12.00]200-day [$19.81]Year to date [$14.98].

During the last 30 days, DOT is +22.85% against the US dollar, +13.28% against BTC, and -13.47% against ETH, during the same period.

Polkadot has a 24-hour price range of $8.34-$8.92 and a 7-day price range of $7.72-$8.92. DOT’s 52-week price range is $6.04-$54.98.

On the same date last year, Polkadot’s price was $19.66.

DOT’s average price over the past 30 days is $7.5 and +24.62% over the same period.

Polkadot price [+0.26%] Sunday closed its daily session at $8.68 and has closed in the green five times in the last six days.

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