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C.Wavie, emerging recording artist – AllHipHop

Countless people around C. Wavie are creative. The artist is grateful that he has been shaped, in part, by so many around him. Some make music, some are creative, and some are managers. They often turned to the young artist for advice / a second opinion on what they were working on. Most of the time, Wavie really helped write a lot of music or came up with the concepts that made the final cut for the music video.

He never thought he was good enough to be accepted into the music industry, always put off by the fact that so many people around him are already in the music industry. C. Wavie should describe his music with one word, and that word is “Wavie”. Not in the conventional sense of his music flowing, for C. Wavie, music is like a tidal wave. “Some songs will raise your emotions so high that you will want to scream, others will make you want to dance and most of the time my music is recognizable.”

“If I weren’t doing my music career, I’d create something. I’m not happy if I don’t create! If it’s not music, then I create works of art, paintings or murals. If I don’t paint on canvas, I design clothes or tidy up the house “.

When it comes to her roster of different performances and venues, C Wavie fondly traces every show she has had the opportunity to perform at. Even though she couldn’t pick one as her favorite her to talk about, she had a lot to say about every place she really felt welcome him and the sound of him. For C Wavie, performing is one of the many parts of his career that he enjoys; as every opportunity has his memorable moments, every venue / venue to perform brings a new side of him to the audience.

“My favorite song to perform is called” Fountain “because I love the drop and hook of the song and the meaning behind it.” C.

Wavie ultimately aspires to change the competition and some pitfalls artists are experiencing in the music industry. Ideally, he would change it to a friendly place where everyone wants to work together and help each other.

“The music industry is usually just a group of people competing with each other and I think we all have to show support and help build each other,” said C. Wavie..

When asked about his next moves and what both listeners and longtime fans can expect, C Wavie has again taken things in the direction of one of his favorite parts of being an artist: performing. For him, there is simply so much more to expect!

“I always have upcoming shows and shows – depending on when you’re reading this, check out my website at for any updates on upcoming shows.”

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