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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 – How to Open a Coolie Vault and Find Golden Keycards

Mercenary Walts and Golden Keycards are two new additions to Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 – Mercenaries of Fortune. Not only are they an important part of the new Warzone Pacific experience, they are central to one of the seasonal challenges you need to complete. If you want to learn how to find golden keycards and loot vaults, this guide is for you.

We split each stage into its own section, which can be quickly jumped through the drop down menu below!

Check out the launch trailer for Warzone Season 4 here!

Warzone Season 4 – Where are the mercenary vaults?

Mercury vaults are exclusively found on the caldera, and inside the bunkers are the island transport stations! If you weren’t there during Season 3: The Reloaded Update when these were added, they would be marked on the map with a round bunker symbol. Plus, because these new shiny arches are inside, these bunkers are yellowing on the map!

Coolie Vault places on the map in Warzone Season 4
If you see a yellow circle on your map, you can find the vault in that location!

Warzone Season 4 – Where to Find The Golden Keycards

If you go to the entrance of one of the vaults, you’ll notice that you need a golden keycard to get inside. These are rare drops from any loot box found throughout the map, so if you want to get inside you need to do a lot of scavenging.

Mercenary Vault Door in Warzone Season 4
If you see that white sign next to the door, you will know that you have reached the vault

Some notes – these loot boxes don’t have to be near the vault to drop the golden keycard. These can drop from literally any loot box on the map, so we recommend that you play normally until you’re lucky and a drop. Also, rare loot boxes (such as orange Legendary chests and scavenger contract chests) are more likely to leave these golden keycards as you would expect.

Once you get lucky and get a golden keycard, you can * very * carefully * make your way to the nearest vault. If you’re playing in a team, you only need one keycard so move like hell after you get one.

Golden Keycard for Coolie Vault in Warzone Season 4
These are quite small, so be sure to check each box carefully.

Warzone season 4 – What’s inside the mercenary vaults?

Once you make it to the entrance of the Cool Vault and wait for the door to slowly open, you will be rewarded with a wide backpack filled with several mythical chests. Perks, self-revitalization kits, legendary weapons, armor satchels, gas masks and loads of money are all worth your effort.

Warzone looted from mercenary vault in Season 4
Each box has a chance to drop some real game-winning loot

As a solo player this is more than you ever need, but it is enough to equip you and your four teammates with amazing guns and equipment. This is the perfect way to set the win.

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