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Camilo Doval of the Giants is still learning at work, including how to handle emotions

ATLANTA – Throughout last year’s stretch run and the postseason, young and relaxed young reliever Camillo Dowell showed just how much more experienced San Francisco Giants players are.

In the Giants’ 12-10 win on Tuesday, the 24-year-old Dowell showed some rare indignation when he dropped his gloves to the floor after the second game of the ninth inning. Dowell, who had the majority of the team’s chances to save, was still upset at Matt Olson for giving up a two-run homer to a batter. Plus, he thought three was out.

After the match, Dowell promised manager Gabe Kapler he would never do anything like that again.

On Wednesday, with Ervin Higuros commentary, Dowell said he was “a little frustrated” and explained that he wanted to throw the slider but decided to stick to a pitch called fastball.

He said he had no problem shaking the catcher and opted not for Tuesday. “I’ve always had input, but yesterday I went with what the catcher was asking for,” Doval said.

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