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Carnegie International unveils artists for the 2022 edition

The organizers of Carnegie International today released the names of the artists who will participate in the 58th edition of the event, which will take place from 24 September 2022 to 2 April 2023, in various locations in Pittsburgh. Curated by Sohrab Mohebbi, the exhibition is titled “Is It Morning for You Yet?” The moniker represents a Maya Kaqchikel variant of the typical “Good morning”, recognizing the idea that one person’s morning may be another person’s night. Mohebbi credits the artist Édgar Calel, who is creating the work for the event, for introducing him to the phrase.

Like many other biennials and triennials in recent months, Carnegie International’s roster includes numerous artists of color and a handful of deceased artists whose work continues to earn or is finally garnering recognition. The exhibition will focus on both historical and contemporary works, with the latter category including works commissioned specifically for the event. Mohebbi in a statement defined some of the participating artists as “reminding us that not only do our stories of pain and desire bind us, but also, our narratives of endurance and survival help us reimagine the world.” Among those presenting the work at the 58th edition are American multimedia artist Tishan Hsu, Turkish photographer Banu Cennetoğlu, Senegal-born interdisciplinary artist Monira Al Qadiri and Filipino painter Pacita Abad (1946–2004).

Carnegie International, held every four to five years, is the longest-running regular art exhibition in the country, having been established in 1896. It is believed to reliably serve as a microcosm of the art world at any given time. and is seen as a predictor of trends in art globally.

Below is a complete list of participating artists, collectives and properties.

Abdul Hay Mosallam Zarara
Ali Eyal
Võ An Khánh
Andy Roberto
Angelo Velasco Shaw
Anh Trần
Antonio Martorell with poems by Ernesto Cardenal
Aziz Hazara
Banu Cennetoğlu
Carlos Cañas
Carlos Motta
Christian Nhampeta
Claes Oldenburg
Colectivo 3 (Aarón Flores, Araceli Zúñiga, Blanca Noval Vilar and César Espinosa)
Dala Nasser
Daniele Bugia
Denzil Forrester
Dia al-Azzawi
Diane Severin Nguyen
Don Ket
Dogma collection
Edgar Calel
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Fereydoun Ave
Giana De Dier
Hiromi Tsuchida

Hyphen— (Akmalia Rizqita “Chita”, Grace Samboh, Ratna Mufida), featuring works by: Kustiyah alongside Edhi Sunarso, Gregorius Sidharta Soegijo, Kartika, Rustamadji, Siti Ruliyati, Sriyani Hudyonoto, Sudarso, Trubus Soedarsono, Zaini

I Taste Ayu Kadek Murniasih
Isabel De Obaldia
James “Yaya” Hough
Joong Seop Lee
Julian Abraham “Togar”
Tenth Kanitha
Karen Tei Yamashita
Kate Millet
Krista Belle Stewart
Laal collection
Laila Shawa
LaToya Ruby Frazier
Let’s break free: the Committee for the Defense of Trans Women and Prisoners
Los Angeles Department of Poverty
Louise E. Jefferson
Malcolm Peacock
Blue Daisy
Like Kara
Michele Zinzun
Mire Lee
Mohammed Sami
Monira Al Qadiri

Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende Collection presenting works by: Alberto Pérez, Alfredo Portillos, Anders Åberg, Anonymous women, Bat T. Tchouloun, Carol Law, Derek Boshier, Eduardo Terrazas, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Francisco Brugnoli, Gontran Guanaes Netto, Hanns Karlewski, Hugo Rivera-Scott, Leonilda González, Lilo Salberg, Luis Felipe Noé, Luis Tomasello, Maryse Eloy, Myra Landau, N. Bavoujav, Öyvind Fahlström, Patricia Israel, Paul Peter Piech, Ricardo Mesa, Ryszard Winiarski, Sambuungiin Mashbat, SANALBAT (S. Natsagdorj, N. Sandagdorj, N. Sukhbat), Valentina Cruz, Ximena Armas

Nancy Buchanan
Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa
Nikki Arai
Pacita Abad
Patrizia Belli
Filome Obin
Pio Abad
Rafa Nasiri and Etel Adnan
Rafael Domenech
Vandi Rattan
Rehyun Park
Rini Templeton
Roberto Cabrera
Rosa Mena Valenzuela
Sanaa Gateja
Soun Gui Kim
Susan Meiselas
Svay Ken
Tei Carpenter / Agency — Agency
Thu Van Tran
Thuraya Al-Baqsami
Tishan Hsu
Tony Coca-Cola
Trương Công Tùng
Yolanda Lopez
Yang Zahia Rahmani


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