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Charlotte artists get dream gig as a Lego designer

David Bulfin has always been an artist, but until Charlotte’s nonprofit ArtPop showcased his work, no one knew. He now he has the chance of a life with Legos.

CHARLOTTE, NC – A Charlotte artist recently landed her dream job thanks to a nonprofit that recognizes artist work in Queen City through public exhibits and signage.

ArtPop works to promote artists in Charlotte and has helped earn hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way. You’ve probably seen their billboards along Interstate 77, Interstate 85, and other Charlotte subway highways.

Among the artists present was David Bulfin. He has always been an artist, but no one knew it.

“I was doing it in secret,” Bulfin said. “It wasn’t until ArtPop that I was able to step out of my shell and allow the work to be seen, and it’s been an amazing journey.”

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Every year since 2014, ArtPop has selected 20 artists to advertise throughout the city. More than 100 artists saw the money they earned after being featured skyrocketed by 30%.

“It’s the biggest feeling: mission accomplished,” said Wendy Hickey, founder of Artpop. “We are here to support artists and make sure they are successful and to see them shine. Success is the greatest gift of my heart.”

For Bulfin, the gift really changed his life.

“It meant everything. It was the last launch pad for me,” he said. “It is sending me towards something new, it has legitimized what I feel for myself.”

Artpop helped Bulfin get an amazing new concert in Denmark by designing for Lego.

“The new work is significant,” Bulfin said. “Represents a lifelong dream come true.”

It’s all based on a work of art that means everything to him. The work ArtPop honored him for last year is something Bulfin did to honor his late son, William, who died when he was only a few days old.

“I started it the day after my son died. He was with us four days,” Bulfin said. “He was unable to resist the NICU, so the work represents a sign of intent and hope to be prepared and ready for the unknowns we are called to go to and for which we are not designed.”

This is a message that this artist will now bring to the Lego brand.

“There is a lot of healing to be done, but a lot of healing has taken place,” he said. “This work of art and all the kindness the city showed me was a great piece of that history.”

ArtPop also has a newer division that pairs artists with companies in the Charlotte community that have ongoing projects. They started last year and have already helped Charlotte artists earn $ 250,000.

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