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Chris Price welcomes “multidimensional artist” Raye to BBC Radio 1’s Brit List | Average

BBC Radio1 / 1Xtra head of music Chris Price highlighted the station’s commitment to “elevate artists and their creative vision” in a new interview with Music week.

We can exclusively reveal that Raye is the latest addition to Radio 1’s Brit List and Price said the singer is perfect for the station.

Raye left her major contract with Polydor last year and released Hard Out Here, her first single as an independent artist, last month.

“I am shocked and I am so grateful to have been cast on Radio 1’s Brit List,” she said Music week. “I know I’m not the exciting new artist on the block, I’ve been playing music since I was 16, I don’t have a million followers or albums to boast, so even being cast feels like a miracle. Music is all my heart and soul. my body and this opportunity means the world “.

As preparation for her debut album continues, Raye is poised to release more new music. Waterfall, her recent collaboration with Disclosure, has 15,249,390 streams on Spotify, where the singer has 11,630,960 monthly listeners. BBC Radio 1 has supported Raye for several years, her 2018 song Friends, for example, premiered as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World, while Raye has performed multiple times in the Live Lounge.

Here, Price explains how the Music Week Award-winning station intends to build on its support for Raye and reflects on the importance of the Brit List – launched in 2017 – in a fast-paced music industry landscape.

What attracted Radio 1 to Raye in terms of offering Brit List support? How do you think his career will change?

“Mostly, it was an opportunity to build on years of support at a critical time for an artist we are already very involved in. Raye is a unique talent with a clear sense of herself as an artist, singer and songwriter, and that’s what we are all about. It has always attracted her. It’s no secret that Raye’s journey towards releasing her debut album took longer than she would have liked, but this has given us time to develop a great relationship over the course of several years. Raye invited us into the studio and let us listen to music and visual content that articulated a crystal clear vision for her first complete body of work. She is a multidimensional artist unconstrained by genre, so she is perfect for a radio station that thinks like that. exactly the same way “.

Raye just went from a big deal to being independent. Does the Brit List play an extra role now that the major muscle is out of the game?

“Maybe, although it’s impossible to know for sure how things would have been had she stayed within the majors system in terms of the Brit List. Whether you’re in a major or fully independent, Brit List is pretty beefy on its own terms!

Raye is a unique talent with a clear sense of herself as an artist

Chris Price, BBC Radio 1

With regards to the other platforms and channels that support Raye, what makes Brit List more valuable than, say, TikTok or Spotify?

“I’m not going to call specific platforms and I’m sure there are good people across the industry who feel as involved in Raye’s success as we do. What I can say is that Brit List – and Radio 1 more generally – is about investing in artists. This is what we consider our ‘unit of value’. Rather than playlists or songs, or even clips of songs, our stock on the market is elevating artists and their creative vision. Simple as that. We want to build meaningful connections between music creators and our audiences, turning listeners into fans who are in turn involved in the success of their new discovery. This is what the BBC does extraordinarily well, I think, and when overlapping a year or more commitment of playlists, live support and editorial on radio, TV, social media and digital, it’s a very powerful partnership. ”


How is the selection process for Brit List and how can an act give itself the best chance of being chosen?

“It’s pretty similar to the Radio 1 playlist, and it’s the same team, with some pre-filters from the music team up front. The most important thing an artist can do is have three great singles tracked with a clear path to an album. It is usually a debut album, although there may be good reasons to offer support to the Brit List at a later date, and of course we are not closed to requests from people who do not consider themselves album artists. “

In the Brit List meetings we try to advance quickly and imagine what success would be like for the artists under consideration

Chris Price, BBC Radio 1

Can you be more specific about what you are looking for?

“In the Brit List meeting we try to make a qualitative leap a few years and imagine what the success would be for the artists in question, and obviously it will be different from artist to artist. If you look back on that first cohort of 2017, our expectations for Stormzy were more commercial, which turned out to be the case with spades of course, while for Sampha it was probably more about critical acclaim. That year he won the Mercury Prize and we still play it in playlists today. As part of the process, we often ask ourselves: ‘Is this artist a future headliner on Radio 1’s Big Weekend? Do they have the potential to close the Future Sounds stage, or even the main stage in a few years? ‘ Another key question is, “What are we building on here?” There are many, many avenues for launching brand new artists with the BBC, from Introducing to Sound Of to Hot For on 1Xtra. Brit List aims to solidify the support it is already building and take an artist to the next level, whatever it means to them. “

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