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Cosmic Streetwear and Hip Hop artist Don Favelli announce the release of the Summer Streetwear collection with his own soundtrack

Don Favelli's Cosmic album gives Cosmic Streetwear its soundtrack

Don Favelli’s Cosmic album gives Cosmic Streetwear its soundtrack

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, June 23, 2022 / – RJ Hunter, founder of Cosmic Worldwide, today announced the release of Cosmic’s summer streetwear collection and its collaboration with the San Diego hip hop artist Don Favelli for the coordinated release of Favelli’s new album ‘Cosmic’.

“The Cosmic Worldwide brand is an introspection,” says Hunter. “He says ‘I’m fine inside my space.’ It represents a space away from space, a good place even if the larger world you live in is chaotic, dangerous or just not fair. When I met Don Favelli in late 2021, we realized that the perspective of the music he was developing for his next album was completely in line with the inspiration of the Cosmic brand. “

“We recognized an immediate connection,” said Don Favelli. “While I was developing the Cosmic album, we were in the midst of a pandemic, there were constant threats to civil liberties and global dangers emerging. Yet I found myself in a place of personal well-being “.

“My latest album, Relationships Are Hard, was a simple storytelling.” Favelli continued. “The Cosmic album expresses a personal space, a feeling, an expansion of my inner universe, even when many aspects of the outside world are threatening and contract”.

“And this was perfect for Cosmic Worldwide’s summer streetwear collection,” added Hunter.

Hunter and Favelli teamed up with San Diego photographer Coner Martz (aka Erick Martinez) to create the Cosmic album cover and capture Cosmic Worldwide’s summer streetwear collection. The new summer streetwear collection for Cosmic Worldwide is available on Don Favelli’s new album “Cosmic” is available worldwide on all music platforms. The lyrics of the album can be found on Genius.

Cosmic information around the world
Cosmic Worldwide is a global streetwear brand founded by professional basketball player RJ Hunter. The Cosmic brand celebrates creativity, expression and creates a space away from space. Cosmic’s new summer collection is available for purchase on

About Don Favelli
Don Favelli is a hip hop artist, songwriter and entrepreneur from San Diego, California, with original and evocative lyrics. His latest album, Cosmic, was released on June 23, 2022. Raised in Southern California, Don Favelli has lived in Atlanta, Oakland and San Diego for the last few years. Don Favelli is the CEO and founder of Favelli Enterprises, Inc.

About ConerMartz
Coner Martz (aka Erick Martinez), based in San Diego, California, is a professional videographer, photographer and post-production creator with a broad portfolio of unique and compelling commercial and creative projects.

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