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Disney fans agree to another price hike, Bob Chapek backs them

Many Disney fans have expressed displeasure with the price hike, believing a large contingent of fans will require another significant increase.

Despite numerous controversies and many Disney fans upset with current CEO Bob Chapek, The Walt Disney Company is posting high profits and achieving key goals at its Disney Plus ventures and Disney Parks and Resorts.

Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Recently, the company released its quarterly earnings and boasted that Disney Parks now has 221 million streaming subscriptions and stable earnings.

“We had an outstanding quarter with our world-class creative and business teams performing at our domestic theme parks, large increases in live-sports viewership and significant subscriber growth across our streaming services. With the addition of 14.4 million Disney+ subscribers in the fiscal third quarter, we now have 221 of our streaming offerings. million total subscriptions,” said Bob Chapek, chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company.

Despite Disney’s high profits, the company is still looking to move forward. Inside the Magic Bob Chapek recently sat down for an interview with CNBC following the earnings report and mentioned another possible increase at Disney Parks.

Bob Chapek
Credit: CNBC

In the interview, Chapek was asked about the pricing structure at the parks and whether guests can expect it to go up again, to which he responds, “We can move on a dime … We operate here with a surgical knife. We’re very sophisticated with our pricing.

While another Disney price hike may be in the works, many Disney park fans surprisingly seem to side with Chapek on the matter.

“I’m not a fan of Chapek, but he’s not wrong,” said one guest in a Reddit thread. “Short of seriously expanding the parks, they can’t do much to deal with overcrowding right now.”

Disney adults with Cinderella's castle
Credit: Disney

Another guest shared that he’s fine with more price hikes if that means Disney will “stop nickel and diming us.”

“I’m expensive if Disney is worth it. I don’t care if they double the ticket price, they need to make it worth that price. Open everything back up, pay everyone more, invest in cleaning up the parks, invest in new things, stop cutting previously announced new stuff, stop shrinking food portions and nickel and dime. And stop shadowing us.

Disney is always expensive, but it’s usually worth it. We are approaching the point where that is no longer the case. “

Cinderella Castle 50th Anniversary Lights
Credit: Disney

While many Disney fans noted that they are willing to pay more to go to a “less crowded park,” many others indicated that they don’t believe another price increase will deter crowds. Instead, he says, prices will increase with the same number of visitors at the Disney parks.

“The right price is what consumers are willing to pay,” said another fan. Disney is a business, not a charity. If they raise prices to the point where they make less money, they lower prices.

What do you think about another Disney price hike? Let us know in the comments.

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