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DraftKings Kansas: How to get an early signup bonus

DraftKings Kansas has begun its efforts to establish a significant market share in the soon-to-be state betting market. As it has done in previous states, the company looks to win the competitive race against some other notable brands and in a bid to ensure early success, it has launched a pre-registration window to encourage new users. Get in the fold before launch. In short, the app wants to book as many prospective customers as possible, so it has added extra incentives to ensure a strong start.

DraftKing’s Kansas pre-registration efforts bring any eligible resident of the state the ability to sign up for the betting program ahead of the official rollout.

To do so, the company is offering all prospective customers a $100 start to use when betting goes live. Additionally, such players will have the opportunity to enter for a chance at a $100,000 free bet.

Obviously, a six-figure free bet is a long shot, but with an extra $100 that comes in addition to any new player offers at the start of the app to start the experience means getting in early translates to maximum incentives.

New players can claim the pre-registration bonus for DraftKings Kansas by clicking right here.

DraftKing’s Kansas application appears to be winning quickly

DraftKings Kansas’ approach is not unique. For example in recently launched markets New York, Illinois, and in Louisiana, the app also offered a pre-registration window, though the length of such a run-up varied between the two markets. Some competitors wave the ability to claim a standard new user signup promo after receiving a pre-signup bonus, which is not the case here. It also comes with the expected specifications available as soon as the switch is flipped.

In terms of what bettors can expect when it is rumored to be in the coming weeks or months, the special will be centered around the National Football League. Industry experts currently estimate the arrival of KS sports betting to be sometime between late September and early November, although, as we’ve seen in other markets, such timelines are subject to change. Either way, it would be flat-out staggering if the state doesn’t start taking bets before the back end of this projection.

How to register for DraftKings Kansas

Generally speaking, the process of signing up and depositing a new sportsbook account is relatively straightforward and straightforward. Here are those stats at DraftKings Kansas. Notably, players still can’t make real-money deposits, as the pre-registration window only allows normal sign-up. That said, players can follow these steps to ensure they apply themselves for the maximum allocation of incentives:

  • Register by clicking Here.
  • It drives players to a special landing page. Click the button on that page to reach the registration field.
  • Provide some general information.
  • When the app goes live, go back, make a deposit and start betting.

A potential game-changer

As mentioned above, the DraftKings Kansas app offers a chance to enter a six-figure ($100,000) free bet. A $100 head start pre-registration goes to all participants, giving it more of a lottery feel.

New players can claim the pre-registration bonus for DraftKings Kansas by clicking right here.

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