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EarlyGame Artist of the Day: ShadyMFK

We caught up with ShadyMFK, our Artists of the Day, and asked them about their favorite video games!

Shadowy MFK
ShadyMFK pictured above. | © ShadyMFK

Probably the turning point where I do what I do now in music was even before I learned to play the guitar, my first instrument. I remember getting a broken and out of tune guitar with a few strings left, and I was trying to play melodies from songs I liked my way. Although totally “wrong” according to traditional music theory, I liked what I was doing and my curiosity about how the songs are actually played and generally transformed into a great, immense love that guides me throughout my journey.

Inspired by a wide variety of bands and artists with prima facie nothing in common, such as Guns N ‘Roses and ZHU, for example, ShadyMFK tries to find the fine line between different genres such as rock and house and further explore the similar concepts underlying all types of popular music.

Matey Veselinov Yanev began his career in music playing guitar for a couple of local bands his hometown Dobrich, Bulgaria and his last show as a guitarist and band member was at the big festival “July Morning” Kamen Bryag in 2013.

ShadyMFK’s music aims to express a balance between people as primary and emotional human beings doing different things “with their hands”, and the ever-changing technology that holds a huge place in our lives. Born in a developing country (former second world), such as Bulgaria in the 1990s offers many challenges for him to look objectively and independently to the latest sciences and discoveries and to explore creative ideas in a safe space, which leads him to Berlin where he currently resides and develops his artistic practice.

Of course, we decided to ask them some questions about music and video games. Here’s what they had to say …

What’s your favorite video game soundtrack?

GTA games have really good soundtracks, I can’t think of my favorite right now.

Who is your favorite video game music composer?

Here I should mention Super Mario composer Koji Kondo: everyone knows the theme song!

What is your favorite video game?


Which game inspired you to make music?

I made a song inspired by a Paladin champion called Ying, my song hasn’t been released yet, but I have a demo not mastered.

What video game are you currently playing?


Would you ever like to write video game music? What would it be like?

Yup! I’d also like to create sound designs for game sounds, but I can’t use Unreal at the moment – it takes too much CPU and space.

How important is music for video games / video games for music?

Not just the music, the sound itself is fundamental to video games.

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