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East End Gallery Guide Spotlight: The Lucore Art

Showcasing the work of owner Christopher Lucore, as well as established and emerging East End artists, The Lucore Art in Montauk is a unique gallery worth a trip to The End. On sight now is the Double shot roll show, which runs until June 21, and there are tons of exciting shows scheduled throughout the year. Here, Lucore shares her thoughts on this summer’s shows, the art she is creating, and the joy of working with artists to showcase their work.

What makes Haim Mizrahi Double shot roll show a suitable way to kick off summer 2022 at The Lucore Art?

It’s like I’m saying to Haim, “Drum roll, please!” What better way before a big revelation than a drum roll? It is perfect indeed! The Lucore Art is committed to showcasing both established and emerging local artists, and Haim has truly stood out for me as an established artist with deep roots in his community. Haim has promoted a wide range of ways to connect with his community, whether through his “Hello Hello” radio show on LTV, curating art exhibits, his own art, his music, his business or his family. .

In the first discussion I had with Haim about his art, he described the process of solving a problem in one of his drum paintings with music. This really impressed me, as it showed Haim’s understanding of the interconnectivity of all the different parts of our life. Haim’s work appears to me both as an explosion of activity and as a carefully thought-out layering of order and disorder. I find this duality very powerful.

by Lori Campbell "Lady in the orange chair with balls" (2022, 48" x 36") at Il Lucore Art
“Lady in the Orange Chair with Balls” by Lori Campbell (2022, 48 ″ x 36 ″)

Tell us about the following exhibition, Summer dreams.

Summer dreams is a spectacle of the wild and wonderful imagination of local Montauk surrealist Lori Campbell. Lori has honed her skills to the point that she truly has the freedom to bring her ideas to life. Lori recently held a pop-up exhibition of small works in East Hampton Gardens, and walking through it was like stepping into a fantasy and going in search of the magical creatures of the garden. Lori’s paintings bring plants, flowers, sweaters and chairs to life and present them like never before. The exhibition here at The Lucore Art will be an opportunity for Lori to bring out some of her larger canvases and for gallery visitors to venture into a whole new land of “summer dreams”. Summer dreams will take place from 23 June to 14 July and the opening reception will be on Saturday 25 June from 16:00 to 19:00

What other exhibitions is The Lucore Art scheduled for the summer and 2022?

The Lucore Art will have a new exhibition every three weeks until December. After the Lori Campbell show, I’ll take a week to hang up some of my work and really immerse myself, using the gallery as a studio and painting big! Then, from July 20 to August 10, I’ll welcome photographer James Katsipis, born and raised right here in Montauk, to help unearth the city’s natural beauty. Next, East Hampton artist Anne Raymond and I will debut new works in late August. The Wednesday group, a wonderful group that goes out and paints local scenes in the open air, will have the floor in September. John Tuttle and Sophia Louise Smith will usher in autumn with impressionistic scenes, and the Montauk Artist Association will close the year with a group show over the holidays. Stay tuned to The Lucore Art Gallery Instagram @thelucoreart for updates and exact show dates.

What series of your works can be found in the gallery now and in the coming weeks?

My work is constantly evolving with the time spent here at The Lucore Art, but is currently splitting into two separate series. The dividing line between the two series is mainly the technique used to create them. One series involves the inclusion of pieces made separately from liquid acrylic and introduced into the composition in a separate process once the paint has dried. I sometimes refer to this series as my “circles”, although I’m expanding to include more freeforms. My other series features clear, non-objective geometric abstractions, created with layers of acrylic support and brushstrokes to give a heavy impasto. Working in these two separate processes keeps me busy as each takes on a different kind of focus and when I’m exhausted I can switch from one to the other. Over the next few weeks, I expect that I will try to apply a greater degree of color sensitivity when performing these techniques and perhaps even start blurring the lines between them.

by Chris Lucore "The blue planet" (2022, 48" x 36") on display at Lucore
“The Blue Planet” by Chris Lucore (2022, 48 ″ x 36 ″)

Looking back over the past year, what was the most exciting or rewarding aspect of opening your Montauk gallery?

For me, as an exhibition curator, the most rewarding aspect was getting the artists back to see the entire show on display. Generally, I ask my artist to put a lot of faith in me. They bring me all their babies and pieces of their soul and drop it all, and my job is to take it and bring it out for all to see. View it and view it correctly. Hanging a painting is more than just a wall, hammer, nail. There is an art in showing art. Their work and my gallery should work together as one large composition. When the artist walks in and says, “Wow, my art has never looked so good”, it really means something to me.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I just want to thank the community for the support everyone has shown my gallery since I opened. My dream for this gallery is that it is a fun place for the community and a destination for people visiting Montauk. It was inspiring to see the East End community and artists gather behind me to make my dream a reality. Art is an essential part of our lives and it wouldn’t be possible without collectors curating incredible personal collections to spark discussion and inspiration, or artists who fearlessly create and try to go where no one has gone before! So thank you to all of you and come and visit The Lucore Art.

Lucore Art is located at 87 South Euclid Avenue, Montauk. For more information, visit @thelucoreart on Instagram and Facebook, and to see more of Christopher Lucore’s work, visit

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