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Forget Kate Bush, Here’s How To Find Out Which Song From Stranger Things Venka Will Save You

Season 4 of Stranger Things left us with A whole bunch of questions: Is Max right? What happens with Nancy and Jonathan? And will Hawkins survive? Unfortunately, we can’t give you answers to any of these questions, but if you’re wondering which song from Stranger Things’ Venka will save you, Spotify is here to help you solve that mystery.

In one of the series’ most iconic scenes, Max Mayfield, trapped in Venka/Henry/001’s mind lair, asks Kate Bush’s Running up that hill And manages to get back to her friends. For the rest of Volume 4, Kate Bush’s song is never far from the drama, as Max watches over her on his Walkman to keep her from falling upside down again. The song became a streaming sensation, putting Bush back in the top charts in the US and UK

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