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Gender-Merging Irish Artist DREAM Releases New Demo Single “Crybaby”

“Crybaby” celebrates six months of DREAM’s eclectic self-titled debut album.

Irish artist DREAM (Benjamin Fraser) has released his latest demo single “Crybaby” to celebrate six months of his debut album To dream.

Benjamin’s musical project DREAM started on October 31, 2021, with his first single titled “Halloween”. After this single, the musician released “Snow Song”, a delicate winter piano ballad, followed by his debut album.

To dream is made up of variations of popsynth, darkwave, lofi and classical piano inspired pieces, putting Ben on the map as an eclectic Irish artist.

In a press release, Fraser explained his latest drop: “After six months of To dream and working on my next release, I wanted to give people a taste of what’s to come next.

“I made it my mission to immerse myself in new scenes in an attempt to get out and diversify the sound of DREAM. In this way I found amazing new artists and a newfound passion to keep working on my sound.

“I often struggle with rhythm and vocal rhythm,” adds Fraser. “With ‘Crybaby’ I wanted to break that pattern, just like in Dream’s R. Seeing artists like Tadgh, Ahmed, With Love, KK Lewis, Bricknasty and Amy Michelle really opened my eyes to many different musical directions and streams and I reminded that the Irish music scene is, is and always will be full of talented hard-working individuals. “

Before writing and developing his own musical narrative, Ben dominated the Irish metal scene with his powerful approach to vocal technique and iconic stage presence. From 2018 to 2020 the musician played alongside bands such as Deadlabel, This Place Hell, I Set My Friends on Fire, Neon Empire, Arkdown and Greyface.

Benjamin Fraser / DREAM of Down the Barrel

In addition to Ireland, Ben was one of the lucky few to be part of the Nylist 666 project, putting him alongside a worldwide community of singers collaborating on a song. To date, the track holds the record for most singers in a song.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ben decided to work on a more personal project, and thus DREAM was born.

“Through the covid pandemic my struggle with derealization got worse and the world was becoming more and more stagnant,” explained the artist.

“As the world around me stopped, so did I stay where I was. I was caught in daydreams and reality was starting to seem more boring every day. ‘Crybaby’ alludes to my feelings of despair and experiences through the different phases of the pandemic and blends it with an angelic theme and references to Devilman Crybaby “.

Check out “Crybaby” below.

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