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GPD Win Max 2 Price Unveiled – Is It Better Than Steam Deck?

GPD Win Max 2 is stealing the spotlight of the Steam deck as gamers look for handheld devices that can run their favorite triple-A titles. The ultra-tiny gaming laptop already has an edge over the Valve console: You don’t have to pay $5 to hop on a waiting list to buy it.

“How much does GPD Win Max 2 cost?” You may wonder that. There is a limited edition model for $899, while the regular base variant costs $999. If you max out the specs, you’ll have to shell out $1,299. Conversely, the Steam Deck starts at $399 while the max-out model costs $649.00. So what does this mighty mite of a gaming laptop have to offer on Steam’s deck? Let’s find out.

Is GPD Win Max 2 better than Steam Deck?

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