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How long it takes to grill the burgers completely

When the weather warms up and the lure of backyard barbecues takes hold, one yearns to outdo all the others: it’s for a big, juicy burger. But whether you’re a newbie to grilling burgers or you’re an experienced professional, or you’re cooking for someone who prefers a different level of charity than you – stop by and read our guide on how to grill burgers. (How to do it again Is long Grill burgers) for best satisfaction.

Choose the best burger meat

Ground Chuck is a great all-purpose, burger recipes choice for anywhere. Whatever you do, look for beef with 20% fat. That 80/20 ratio is the key to a juicy but not greasy perfect burger. Want to try a custom blend? Go for it. Ask your butcher to grind part chuck with small ribs or brisket and live your most suitable life.

Not grilling beef patties? The alternatives are endless: chicken burgers, turkey burgers, even salmon burgers! Choose dark meat poultry, fatty fish, or ground pork or lamb shoulder (or black beans and quinoa if you’re a veggie burger). Note that chicken or seafood patties should be cooked thoroughly. Medium-rare is not a good look at a chicken or fish burger. Otherwise, the following rules apply to any of these, just like any beef burger.

Make those burgers right

When creating a burger for the grill, aim for ¾ ”to 1” thick and 3 ”to 4” diameter. The burgers shrink a bit when cooking, so you want them to be a little larger than the raw patties buns on which they eventually descend. Make a small dimple in the middle of the patty – this indentation will prevent your burger from bursting like a balloon, ensuring an equal and beautiful patty. Work quickly but slowly and don’t over-compress the patty: the enemy of any burger is too much meat.

Season your burgers properly

Avoid mixing spices into burger meat. Adding salt prematurely to grilled beef can harden it. Instead, season the patties with plenty of kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper Then Before you plan to take them to the grill, they are in shape and correct.

How to cook a burger on the grill

Set your gas grill temperature to high heat and give it a few minutes to warm up, or make a charcoal grill for direct heat. Brush those grill grits to remove anything sticking to the bits, and use paper towels, tongs and neutral oil to make your burgers slick.

The total time it takes to grill your burger varies depending on your grill temperature and the size of your burger patties. Whatever your idea of ​​”Done Burger”, use the following tips as a guide to your cookout, not the rule.

How long to make a burger grill

  • Medium-rare: 6-7 minutes total
  • Medium: 7-8 minutes total
  • Middle well: Total 9 minutes
  • Well done: 10 minutes total

Estimating grill time will definitely help you grill hamburgers temp, and using a quick-read thermometer to check internal temperatures is a sure way to know that your burgers are cooked to perfection.

Internal temperature for burgers

  • Medium-rare: 130 ° –135 ° F
  • Medium: 140 ° –145 ° F
  • Middle-well: 150 ° –155 ° F
  • Well done: 160 ° F

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