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How to beat the Moonshine Mob in Cuphead: A delicious last course

Players will encounter many bosses throughout their journey Cuphead: A delicious last course. The Moonshine Mob is one of the first bosses players will encounter, consisting of three main stages.

Depending on your difficulty level, you will often need to familiarize yourself with the fight to deal with it. When facing the Moonshine Mob, you have to deal with three different characters, meaning there are three different mechanics in a single encounter, catching players off guard.

If you want to get through the Moonshine mob encounter in one go, the best idea is to research what you need to do in each level. The following tips will help you grasp the basics of each level of this boss fight, and you can also check out the video guides on YouTube to see them in action.

The first level of Moonshine Mob

In the first stage of this boss fight you will encounter a spider. This boss becomes more dangerous as you lower its HP. They’ll start calling for help in the form of bombs and flies, giving you an opening to deal more damage.

A spider stops when called for help and is vulnerable in the process. You can deal a decent amount of damage before worrying about flies. While you’ll be dealing with the main boss and the occasional fly, you’ll need to keep an eye out for some projectiles because you’ll need to dodge them.

Spider-throwing caterpillars and police bugs can get you out if you neglect to dodge. If you’re not playing on a difficulty level higher than standard, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about bombs. These bombs detonate after a delay in Standard and below the difficulty level. If you play on a higher difficulty level, the bombs become more of a threat because they explode faster.

The second phase of Moonshine Mob

Shortly after you defeat the spider, an ant takes the stage to avenge his fallen gang friend. Compared to the first phase of the battle, this one is relatively easy as you only need to focus on one key mechanic.

On the center stage is a gramophone that shoots musical rays of different colors. While green rays won’t hurt you, red ones can. To avoid red beams, you can follow one and avoid being hit by another beam.

Phase Three of Moonshine Mob

You will finally face the final boss of the Moonshine Mob in the third level. When fighting an anteater, watch out for its mouth, which pops out randomly. You should remove the bugs that pop up because they can be tough to deal with as they pile up on the screen.

The Anteater’s Tongue is the second move you should focus on dodging. You can find a safe place or parry the pink tongue without taking damage. While dodging the pink tongue, try to deal as much damage as possible by shooting the boss in the nose.

When you finally land the final blow on the third level, you’ll hear “Knockout!” A sign that lets players think the encounter is over. When this banner is on the screen, a snail will come out of the hat and you need to attack it to complete the level.

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