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How to become a captain and name your ship

As a live service title, a rare popular, open world pirating game Sea of ​​Thieves Constantly evolving. Since its launch back in 2018, the game has seen extensive changes that have not only helped improve the overall experience, but also managed to attract dedicated fans on the Xbox and PC platforms. In fact, Sea of ​​Thieves Also has a crossover with Disney Pirates of the Caribbean To give participants a fresh experience in a story-based mode instead of against others in the open seas.

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The game’s shift to a seasonal model has also proven to be a boon, allowing players to choose the Battle Pass to gain even greater rewards from ship cosmetics, currency, and other resources. While season seven was hit with an unfortunate last-minute delay, it has finally launched in full and brought with it some much-requested fan features. With new seasonal rewards and a continuation of the game’s narrative, the biggest addition in Season 7 is the ship captain’s life.

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Lastly, Sea of ​​Thieves Players can officially take on the role of a ship captain by owning a ship and customizing it to their heart’s content. New logbooks, milestones, shipwright services, and a sovereign faction have also arrived to ease the player’s complete leadership transition. Here’s everything a player needs to know to become a fully realized ship captain.

Step 1: Becoming a Captain

To ascend to the captain role, players must select the My Ships option instead of selecting a ship type from the main menu. For first timers, the game displays the option to purchase one of three types of ships:

  1. Galleon – The largest ship in Sea of ​​Thieves, the Galleon works well for a group of four players. It is the most expensive at 500,000 gold.
  2. Brigantine – Smaller groups of 2-3 players may prefer the Brigantine, which is not quite as large and is more manoeuvrable. It also comes in at 375,000 gold.
  3. Sloop – The final option is small, great for solo players or a party of two. It costs 250,000 gold to start.

It is worth noting that although players can own up to 15 ships at once, they must first progress through the milestones of a particular ship to earn the Legendary title before they can purchase another ship of the same type. With the purchase of a ship, players can now give it a name and set sail.

Removing a ship from the fleet is as simple as selecting “Dismantle” before sailing. Keep in mind that doing this will remove all milestone and trinket progress made for that particular boat.

Ship customization

Now in the open world, captains can go about decorating their ship from simple sails, hulls, figureheads to a real captain’s cabin. These options, known as ship decorations, are exclusive to captains, so even though the crew is permitted to change the ship’s cosmetics, the captain’s quarters are off limits.

While viewing the Ship Customization Chest as a Captain, the Ship Decoration menu is available and includes tons of options for things like Captain’s Tables, Captain’s Drapes, Captain’s Beds, Captain’s Rugs, Captain’s Chairs, Captain’s Chandeliers, and Captain’s Tables. Some options, such as the chair, chandelier and curtains, are galleon specific, so sloop and brigantine captains are not available. It’s worth noting that some of these decorations can be quite expensive, so captains should make sure they have plenty of treasure with them or else they may have to go treasure hunting.

Trinkets and milestones

Fortunately, buying decorations isn’t the only way to outfit a ship. Trinkets, a type of jewelry or trophy can be placed anywhere on the ship. These represent a significant achievement made while playing the game and are unlocked from Shipwright’s trinket shop. Here, players can see each one and the requirements needed to unlock them.

Under Ships Log from the game menu, players now have a new progression system called Milestones. These track the way the player plays the game and range from performing 25 repairs on the player’s ship to various tasks, long-term tasks such as gold earned as a representative of a particular faction, and many other activities. As the captain, or part of a captained crew, players progress through these achievements to unlock new trophies to further customize the ship, including banners.

Other Captain Benefits

The biggest bonuses of having a ship are that it can be fully customized and they can be saved between sessions. By interacting with the Ship Customization Chest at any Outpost, the player can select “Save Item to Ship” for all future sessions until a different cosmetic is selected. However, each saved cosmetic costs some gold depending on the item, with a price ranging from 2,000 to 7,000 gold pieces. For better or worse, ship damage is sustained across sessions, although players who wish to perform mass repairs can repair them by selecting “Restore My Ship” from the shipwright at the ferry dock.

Additionally, becoming a captain opens up new voyage opportunities, with up to 100 available to purchase at any outpost. These can be collected for use at any time, so players don’t need to run to outposts to grab more.

As a captain, a new faction called the Sovereigns can be found on the docks of outposts, where they are more than happy to take treasure found during their travels and sell it to players for free. This quick sell option makes the offloading process much faster than trying to run around and find each specific rep, but it’s also safer since players don’t need to leave their ship unguarded or open to a PVP player ambush. the town These huts also have harpoons for faster treasure extraction.

Sea of ​​Thieves Available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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