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How to create meaningful connections with residents using relevant digital experiences

The private sector has set a high bar to define positive, digital service communication. AI-powered chatbots are accelerating customer service transactions, large brands are engaging with customers through social media, and email subscription options are becoming more and more subtle in terms of frequency and content options. Local governments that seek to emulate these types of interactions have long been disrupted by public sector technology systems that cannot deliver the types of personalized service communications that are parallel to the private sector.

Finally, change is coming in the form of gov technology that can redefine what positive digital resident communication looks like. The COVID-19 epidemic and local governments have accelerated the need for rapid relocation of services online, allowing local governments to continue providing quality services to residents using time-saving devices and automation.

How innovative digital technology is raising residents ’expectations

Smart technology is everywhere, and it is training residents to expect more personalized and tailored digital experiences. To keep up with these expectations, it is important to prioritize the development of technology-based solutions at the forefront of your strategy of providing high-level customer service satisfaction.

An online survey asked 124 mayors their main areas of focus, as the landscape of local government communications is shifting as it shines the spotlight on the need for Kovid-19 contactless services. The survey found that 63 percent said they would prioritize and expand online urban services, and 97 percent mentioned the need to invest in technology, specifically to redefine how buildings can be used.

Chatbots are increasingly used in all areas and these solutions are already a large part of local government online resources and are growing in popularity. According to an online survey, 64 percent of counties are currently using chatbots or planning for the future, and the numbers are similar to local government at the municipal level.

Another indicator of focus on digital solutions and experiences is the rise of digital transformation officer roles in organizations that seek to increase the opportunity to engage and transact using the latest technology, software and digital solutions. The fact that organizations across sectors are identifying leadership roles dedicated to driving growth and development through technology is strong evidence that residents’ expectations for digital solutions grow higher and higher.

Personalization is possible

Technology can facilitate personalized digital communications for residents without creating time-consuming tasks for local governments. In the past, personalization may mean personal attention, but now there are types of technical interactions that can create personalized experiences:

  • Chatbots – Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, chatbots can create personalized, efficient communication, all of which will search and provide you with artificial intelligence (AI) and automated power. Tips that are likely to solve your problem.
  • Notification Subscription Services – When residents sign up to receive notifications from your website, they must be empowered to select specific topics that are most important to them and their family when closing the public pool for maintenance or development progress in a developing new shopping center. In the town square.
  • Entertainment software and catalogs – Having a comprehensive entertainment programming list as part of your digital toolkit allows residents to sign up for classes, events and programs online, but it can also suggest activities based on residents’ past preferences, which increase engagement and revenue, creating opportunities for additional future communication and revenue potential.
  • Website AI – Consumers who are browsing your local pet shelter web page may consider identifiable software and suggest related content, such as how to register, sterilize, chip in and adopt their new pets.[JM4] To bring a new fur baby to their home.

Creating trust and appreciation through a personalized approach

Personalized experiences, whether personal or digital, can create positive civic experiences that will inspire trust and appreciation for your local government. Local governments that want to add to their tech stock should be sure that they are not only looking for affordable, integrative and easy to use solutions, but are also looking for solutions that enable personalization that can empower positive civic experiences.

About the author
Like the CivicPlus® Director of Product Marketing, Jennifer focuses on understanding the challenges local governments face in communicating and engaging their residents. They ensure that our local government customers communicate and leverage the benefits of our Civic Experience Platform. He spearheads the corporate marketing effort for CivicPlus and assists with communications and special project implementation.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communication and journalism with a minor in public relations from Kansas State University. He has over 17 years of experience in the public and private sectors, focusing on marketing and managing internal and external audience interactions.

About Us: CivicPlus® Offers technology to enable municipalities to optimize the experiences they offer residents. More than 7,500 local governments use our solutions while serving their 340 million residents. We deliver the industry’s only civic experience platform, which enables municipalities to increase revenue, operate more efficiently, and generate positive recognition.

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