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How to deal with the narcissist’s sense of entitlement

Source: JJ Jordan / Pixels

Predicting excellence

Source: JJ Jordan / Pixels

My previous post focused on the biographical and biological origin of the narcissist’s sense of entitlement. This post suggests its risky, long-term costs. To date, it lists the most effective ways to persuade the narcissist to improve or abandon these powerful but personally and socially damaging defenses.

And this is hardly an easy task. Of all the narcissist’s defense mechanisms, their sense of entitlement is what they most desire and hold tightly to.

How, over time, the narcissist’s sense of entitlement reverses against them

Above all, narcissists need admiration and respect. But when their invulnerability, manipulation and exploitation are finally discovered, they lose what they have worked hard to achieve.

Typically they feel rejected, rejected, isolated and lonely – precisely because of all their sublime merits (subconsciously) calculated to protect them.

Their deep, unrecognizable feelings of insecurity and inferiority represent a lifetime of problems for them. And their disdain for being forced to compromise or negotiate with others (because they find it inferior) is hardly favored by those who deal with them.

When others — often mentally and emotionally (if not physically) abuse — are finally confronted or moved away from them, this protection against underlying anxiety and depression is at risk, and they may be in considerable mental pain.

Ironically, in the workplace, having a sense of entitlement can present a convincing attitude of leadership and excellence to prospective employers. And they often rise to the top of the organization where they self-comfort themselves.

Yet over time, their smug, hostile, aggressive approach to colleagues or their hierarchical bottom line can lead to their undoing. So self-absorbed and without any real team spirit or empathy, they can alienate others — they can “team up” for revenge against themselves.

As a result, their careers can be seriously impaired, leaving them feeling upset, discouraged, unhappy, and unhappy. Inability or unwillingness to take responsibility for their failures, they feel cheated – rob them of what they owe them as a patent.

Finally, their frustrations can cause all kinds of physical distress and illness, not to mention drug and alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

How to confront the narcissist’s sense of entitlement efficiently but aggressively

Individuals with a sense of entitlement are expected to be considered “special” and because of their extreme egoistic needs, their feelings will be hurt when they are treated the same way as others.

Moreover, since their primary defense against impending emotional pain is anger and rage, threats and retaliation, it is only prudent to avoid them.

So even though you may regret to disappoint them repeatedly — but compassionately — it is important to emphasize that you have traditionally treated people the same way. But you are really sympathetic to how your mutual stance really frustrates them.

To you, keep in mind that justice may be synonymous with equality, but equality for them Feel free As inequality, it is equivalent to subverting or undermining.

Because they are “privileged”, they do not have to strive to get what they want, with them (if not with others), they are more likely to get what they want. If they do those things — you need to struggle to pronounce them Earn Presumably you may be ready and willing to give them up.

Be clear about your boundaries and limitations and hold them tight. Also, take care Articulate Until you understand these restrictions. Narcissists test your limits endlessly, and they are fully convinced that doing so is an exercise in futility.

“Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile” This is perfectly suited to narcissists. So while it may sometimes be tempting to surrender to their requests or demands (only to get them off your back), do not violate your code of ethics to maintain a harmonious relationship with them.

Narcissism Essential Reads

The way to “win” with narcissists is not to win over them but to defend your integrity when dealing with them. Otherwise, in avoiding the very challenging task of standing up against them, you are defeating yourself.

Do not allow narcissists to push your buttons. Again, this is not an easy task, because qualified individuals can easily try your patience and drill deeper into your skin (however, their skin is thinner than yours).

In your mind, rehearse the difficult conversations you need to have with them. And decide in advance how they will respond, you take it as a stride, and don’t lose sight of the message that you must watch.

They may try to distract or dominate your attention but, resolutely, keep coming back to what is at hand. Don’t let them bully you into giving up on getting through them. In such a single demanding relationship, you want to stay calm, considerate and in touch. And if necessary, remind yourself that you can be as adamant as them (if not offensive anywhere).

Finally, as I emphasized in my last post on the title, it can be impossible when you stand on your ground, depending on how far they have come on narcissistic continuity. Not at all To oppose them. True, getting them to socialize with them can instantly settle them down. But before long, they will be eager to discover what they are Else They can make you want to adjust to their selfish, self-centered will.

Additionally, it is highly unlikely that this skill set will promote any lasting change in their basic personality, even as you develop more expertise in dealing with narcissists.

So consider, in all likelihood, the best thing you can do is to change their behavior You. And if you succeed here, you have done the best you can reasonably, but perhaps better than the others.

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