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How to dog-proof your home for your new rescue puppy

Congratulations, you did it! You’ve welcomed a sweet, furry ball of pure love into your heart, and now you must welcome them (and their natural propensity for destruction) into your grown-up apartment (say Buh-bye For that white shag rug, sweating) Your life will never be the same, because pets drool over being ruled and alone, and even if you’re crying a mixture of happy and sad tears after cleaning up the third accident of the morning, you can be sure your dog will come out and lick them off your face—and that’s a good trade-off. I say that.

Some adopt a large rescue dog small horse In 2021, and unprepared for a total reign of puppy-terror, my hindsight was too much, too much Clear. I went through countless pairs of masticated shoes, shredded throw pillows, and destroyed treasured heirlooms (he ate the original Eames Lounger and Ottoman)—so you don’t have to. My first tip? Remove anything breakable, valuable or just sentimental (more painful) and you get everything off the ground. Next, assess your location—if you need a new couch, it’s best to wait a few months on that purchase (accidents happen), or invest Scratch-resistant, Dog-proof sofa It can take a good beating.

I spoke with knowledgeable dog-whisperers from two local NYC shelters — Mallory Kerley, Director of Marketing Muddy Paws Rescue; and Daniel Rosen, Social Media Coordinator Pupstarz to the rescue– Both have really seen it all. They dished on their must-haves, when (and how) to save your money, and all the products they can’t imagine life without.

The best dog-proof couch cover

If you’ve never had pets before, you may want to consider pet-proofing your home the same way you baby-proof a space. So, slap a thick, protective blanket on that sofa, and get ready to cuddle your bundle of joy while watching their favorite movie. Beethoven. We’re partial to this extra-large chenille couch cover that drapes effortlessly over the curves of your sofa, giving off a bohemian vibe.

$52.80 at Amazon

Excellent pet stain and odor remover

Your rugs and carpets are in for a rough couple of months (potty-training can be difficult), so do yourself a favor and add these natural stain and odor removers that Rosen swears by to your arsenal. “I absolutely love this cleaning solution,” she said of Biokleen’s plant-based bio-enzymatic cleaning solution. “It’s not the crazy expensive thing that everyone buys – it’s the best and it doesn’t smell like chemicals.”

$19.98 at Amazon

The best puppy potty-training pads

Another holy-grail item on Rosen’s list are these Glad Activated-Carbon Potty-Pads. They are made with five layers that ensure leak-proof protection, including a polymer layer that absorbs liquid and turns it into a gel for easy cleaning. “Someone donated these and I thought, ‘Oh my God, you don’t smell anything!'” Rosen said. “The dark color makes pee stains less noticeable, and they’re very absorbent—you can use them longer than the average wee-wee pad.”

$31.99$29.98 at Amazon

The best washable rugs

There’s no shame in admitting defeat when it comes to rugs—there’s only so much dirt and urine to be picked up. Be smart about your next purchase and invest in a machine washable rug. We are big fans RuggableThe two-piece system allows you to easily remove one cover and replace it with a completely different design, or if you want to change your decor.

$269 at Ruggable

Best dog crates and pens

The number one tip offered by both Kerley and Rosen is to invest in the right size dog crate. Most rescues and trainers advocate Crate training, and even if you don’t plan on sticking to a strict crate-routine, Kerley explains, they’re infinitely useful for protecting your home and keeping your dog safe and comfortable. As much as we’d love to quit our day jobs to be full-time, stay-at-home dog parents, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to watch your sweet rescue pup 24/7, and that’s okay. You have to sleep, eat, use the facilities and scroll TikTok hours Two minutes without worrying about a ticking time bomb on the other side of the door, moments away from gouging the eyes out of your childhood stuffed animal (RIP, Lamby).

When it comes to picking the best crate for your pet, there are tons of options in terms of price, style, and function—but hands down, “you want a crate that will last their entire life,” Kerley says. “If they’re still a kid, you want to get one they can grow into.” Most standard wire options come with dividers that you can move to accommodate growth. You may want to throw a Crate cover Unless you have an abundance of old linens you’re willing to part with.

The best basic dog crate

With a 4.7-star average rating from over 130,000 reviews on Amazon, this simple wire dog crate is sturdy, inexpensive, and gets the job done. It is available in seven different sizes, all of which include a divider panel, a spill-proof plastic pan, protective rubber feet and a carrying handle. I personally use this crate for my own rescue puppy and find the dividers easy to install and move around. If your dog is anything like mine, you’ll be amazed at how well they can Houdini out of any situation and how disciplined it is. Carabiner Any future escape plans may be foiled.

$45.99$41.99 at Amazon

Best dog playpen

For those moments when you’re watching over your furry friend, but need to focus on not burning the salmon, a playpen is your best friend. “You can put out pee pads, toys, and their favorite treats,” Kerley explains. “They can hang out there [safely] When you need to get things done.” Amazon Basics makes an easily collapsible powder-coated pen with a latching-door that comes in six different sizes and includes eight ground anchors for outdoor use.

$43 at Amazon

A trendy, design-forward crate

You may have seen fableLuxurious handmade dog crates that will grace your social media feeds. Its sleek, curved-wood frame and options for an acrylic or white metal gate transform this sophisticated doggie-den into a multi-functional piece of furniture meant to blend into existing decor rather than retreat to a corner.

$395 at fable

An outrageously chic Lucite crate

If “design first” is your motto, this stunning Lucite dog crate is waiting for you to take it to your intoxicated, 1980s cocaine-decoration A themed apartment, where it fits next to your black leather couch and rhinestone-encrusted leopard statue.

$900 at All modern

Kawaii Crate

Kindtail Makes another fun, lightweight, collapsible pet crate in a millennial-chic color palette. With two sizes intended for small breeds, the polypropylene cage is BPA- and toxin-free, with no sharp edges for your pet to hurt themselves.

$129 at Kindtail

An indestructible dog bed

My puppy chewed through at least six beds before I discovered K9 Ballistics’ indestructible dog beds and crate mats. My house was covered in fluff, he had torn out beds and toys, it looked like the entrance to Narnia. However, this bed can take the heat – my dog ​​still “digs” for buried treasure, and no scratch is found.

$79 at Amazon

A miracle chew-proof spray

Recommended by Rosen and my personal puppy-trainer, this bitter apple spray is a total game-changer. I spray it on everything I want my dog ​​to avoid—whether it’s shoes I don’t want him to chew on or backyard furniture I don’t want him to pee on. A couple of sprits and he keeps his distance. If you have a puppy that hasn’t learned that fingers aren’t teething yet, it’s good to spray on the ankles and hands.

$13.38$11.58 at Amazon

Best protectors for electrical wires

Electrical cords and wires are basically things you can’t willingly move until your puppy is out of the teething stage, so the best thing to do is make them unnecessary. You can do it in one of two ways; By hiding them or making them taste bad (and hard to chew).

For areas like under your desk or behind credenzas—or anywhere a bunch of cords hang out together—these non-invasive cord containers keep all your devices safe from pee or bites. Available in white or black with a stylish wooden lid, they’ll ensure you don’t have to worry about your pup getting bored and covering up your entire setup for the Oscars, the playoffs, or whatever else you’ve been waiting all day to watch. .

$19.99$16.99 at Amazon

Another excellent choice for singular cords or wires that are difficult to move are these practically invisible PVC wire covers that are citrus scented and bitter tasting to deter any pets from pouncing on them.

$13.99 at Amazon

Now, go ahead and prepare your humble abode for the greatest gift on this planet – a dog.

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