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How to follow Tuesday’s preliminary elections

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Washington, DC

It is election day in Alabama, Virginia, Georgia and Washington, DC, and voters select their nominees for the primary or primary runoff in mid-November.

In Alabama, Republicans Katie Britt and Mo Brooks are facing a runoff for their party’s Senate nomination. Britt won the endorsement of former President Donald Trump after receiving nearly 45% of the vote in the first round last month.

Trump weighed in on the Democratic primaries for secretary of state and lieutenant governor, among other statewide offices, including two US House races in Georgia.

Here’s everything you need to know:

In Alabama, a retired GOP sen. The Republican primary has attracted national attention for months to fill Richard Shelby’s seat. In March, Trump denounced Brooks’ endorsement, accusing Congress of “vigilante” for suggesting voters go ahead with the 2020 election, even though Brooks was the first House Republican who vowed to oppose congressional ratification of Joe Biden’s victory. Britt, former president of the Alabama Business Council and one-time top Shelby aide, has argued that Brooks, a six-term incumbent Brooks career politician, is a Trump-affiliated conservative. President after he was heavily criticized during the 2016 GOP presidential primary.

Brooks’ US House seat in North Alabama is also a Republican primary, with Dale Strong and Casey Wardinski facing off.

In Georgia, Republicans are holding preliminary runoffs for two open house seats featuring Trump-approved candidates. In the Atlanta-Area 6th District, Emergency Physician and Marine veteran Rich McCormick and Trump-backed attorney Jake Evans are running for the GOP nomination. Trump’s pick, former Democratic State Rep., In the 10th District, east of Atlanta. Vernon Jones, the late Georgia Rep. In the GOP primary. McCallins faces his son, business partner Mike Collins.

Georgia Democrats elect their nominees to various statewide offices, including the Secretary of State. In that race, state Rep. Bee Nguyen and former state Representative Dee Dawkins-Heigler are looking to take on GOP stalwart Brad Raffenspurger, who has angered Trump after he refused to “find” enough votes to cancel Biden’s victory in the state in 2020. . (Rafensberger will testify in DC on Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2021, before a House Committee to Investigate Rebellion.) Meanwhile, former Democratic runoff candidate for lieutenant governor, Kwanzaa Hall, is suing attorney Charlie Bailey, with Senate-winner Trump in the fall. Bert Jones confronts him.

In Virginia – where Republicans swept all three elected statewide executive offices last year and won control of the State House of Delegates – the GOP primaries for two key US House seats next year determine the Chamber’s control. In the Virginia Beach-Anchored 2nd District, Republicans voted Democratic Rep. State Sen. wants to confront Elaine Luria. House supporters such as Jen Kiggins, a Navy veteran and nurse practitioner, Kevin McCarthy and Elise Stefanik, have backed Trump’s lies about the Jerome Bell 2020 election and have been backed by several former presidents. In the new 7th District of Northern Virginia, Rep. Abigail Spanberger, like Luria, faces no opposition to the Democratic nomination. The Republican constituency is State Sen. Includes Bryce Reeves, Prince William County Supervisor Yesley Vega and Retired Army Green Beret Derrick Anderson.

In Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser faces three primary challenges in the Democratic primary at auction in 1986 to become the first DC mayor to win a third consecutive term after Marion Barry.

You can follow along with results and our live updates on Monitor CNN’s decision desk results and make projections accordingly.

In Virginia, voting closes at 7pm ET. Mail ballots can be received by noon on June 24 if they are postmarked by June 21.

In Georgia, voting closes at 7pm ET. Postal ballots must be returned by the June 21 deadline.

In Alabama, voting closes at 8pm ET. Mail ballots must be returned by hand on June 20th or by postal mail by June 21st.

In Washington, DC, voting closes at 8 pm ET. The ballot was mailed to all registered voters affiliated with the major political party. Ballots can be accepted by June 28 if they are postmarked by June 21.

CNN has a number of election-related resources available to readers.

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