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How to get Cranidos and Shieldon in Legends: Arceus, BDSP

Anyone looking to complete their Pokédex in Pokemon Legends: Arceus will need to get their hands on Cranidos and Shieldon, but it won’t be easy. Even so, players are very familiar with how to get Sheildon and Cranidos in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus gates a lot of content behind the player’s Pokedex progression, forcing players to catch, battle, and generally evolve more Pokemon. Naturally, Cranidos and Shieldon are among them, but Pokemon Legends: Arceus breaks from tradition in terms of how to get these Pokemon.

Fossil Pokemon are traditionally caught during gameplay by finding a fossil, bringing it to an NPC, and resurrecting it. In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon from the past, present, and future are all brought together through space-time distortions. Meanwhile, BDSP players have to get fossil Pokemon the old fashioned way.

How to catch Cranidos and Sheildon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Players can find and catch Cranidos and Shieldon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus by jumping into space-time distortions in the Coronet Highlands.

Every Space-Time Distortion in Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a group of Pokemon that spawn, and half of the people in the Coronet Highlands have Shieldon and Cranidos. Within proper space-time distortion, Shieldon and Cranidos are both uncommon spawns, while Bastiodon and Rampardos are rare spawns.

Not all space-time distortions involve this Pokemon. They aren’t exceptionally rare though, so players don’t have to grind too hard before finding one.

How to get Sheildon and Cranidos in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Players can obtain Shieldon and Cranidos in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl by reviving the Shield Fossil or Skull Fossil respectively.

Both shield fossils and skull fossils are rare finds mined in the Grand Underground. Unfortunately, although players can freely revive both fossils in both games, they can only find them in one or the other version. The Skull Fossil is exclusive to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, while the Shield Fossil is exclusive to Shining Pearl.

Somewhat consolingly, both games can retrieve fossils from previous generations, including Aerodactyl’s Old Amber, Red and Blue Helix and Dome fossils, and Ruby and Sapphire’s Root and Claw fossils.

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