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How To Get War Surgeon Set

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The Eldon RingFrom the hit RPG Dark Souls From software to developers, they extend the classic SoulSlick formula with a wide open world. Hundreds of hours’ worth of secrets are hidden between the Lands, including trolls, dungeons and loot. Finding the right gear is vital to surviving many dangers The Eldon RingAnd a good armor set completes the player’s build.

One of the best armor sets The Eldon Ring War Surgeon is the set for any player who is building around blood loss, which is a pretty big bonus through his steering, White Mask. However, finding a surgical set of war is not easy, and players will have to venture into the most dangerous area to get it.

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Where to Find a War Surgeon in the Eldon Ring

Only the War Surgeon set can be acquired The Eldon RingTheir late game after the players managed to reach the tomb of the Mohgwin dynasty. Players, in turn, need to pass through the portal from the concentrated snowfield or teleport directly from White-faced Worre’s questline to the Pureblood Knights.

Once in the tomb of the Mohgwin Dynasty, players must head west from the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace and enter the Lake of Blood.

To the south of the lake is a giant stone pillar Eldon Rings Blistered Crow Trolls hide and approach an unnamed White Mask NPC player as it approaches.

Fighting crow and attacker at the same time can be tricky, so players may want to lure the crow and send it before approaching the pole. Whichever method is used, the nameless white mask leaves the entire War Surgeon set after losing.

It is worth noting that the first killing of Mohg, the Lord of Blood, prevents the unnamed white mask from spawning, making it impossible to obtain the set.

War Surgeon Set Breakdown

The War Surgeon Set is ideal for lightweight blood loss builds The Eldon RingOffers reasonable protection with a powerful bonus:

Entire set damage denial and resistances

  • Physical: 15.2
    • Vs Strike: 17.1
    • Vs Slash: 18.9
    • Vs Pierce: 15.2
  • Magic: 20.4
  • Fire: 21.9
  • Lightning: 23.4
  • Holy: 21.9
  • Immunity: 127
  • Robustness: 91
  • Attention: 108
  • Vitality: 118
  • Pois: 11
  • Weight: 16.6

Although the combat surgeon’s set is a good outfit for many The Eldon Ring Bleed Builds, the piece that players should especially look out for is the White Mask. This Helm item can be used with any other armor set and still provides its unique bonus.

White Mask increases the player’s attacks by 10% for 20 seconds, until they or the enemy suffer from blood loss. This effect stacks up with the Lord of Bloods Exaltation and can increase the attacks of sorcery and spells, making it a powerful addition to any blood loss buildup.

The Eldon Ring Available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X | S.

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