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How to move forward when the project is stalled

Have you experienced this: You have been assigned a new project and there is a lot of excitement throughout the company. Everyone is watching and waiting for how it will turn out. But for some reason, your plan is stalled. Maybe the company is not ready for this, or not everyone is on board with the project. However, you are still responsible for pursuing the project.

For your manager, it doesn’t matter why the project is not moving forward – you need to keep it moving. If you have tapped your peers and managers for support in pursuing the project to no avail, here are five action steps you can take to feel positive momentum.

Determine the cause of the slowdown.

Examining the problem from all angles and determining the cause of the slowdown is one of the easiest steps you can take. Consider:

– Are there other groups that should be involved?

-If you use external vendors and consultants – are they showing value? Can you put extra work or deadlines on the team?

-If this is a new opportunity for the company, should you apply more time to deadlines?

– Is the project covered or overdue?

-Question: Who is the one person who can help me?

Thoughtfully reviewing and then resetting the problem from all angles gives you a break to push forward.

Excessive communication with your manager.

When a project or program is discontinued, you may want to do a “pull up shop”. You may feel embarrassed because you are shorter than you think. However, this is not the time to be radio silent: the highest index in your communications.

You don’t want your leadership to wonder about what’s going on. Also communicate with the leadership Much more They understand the project’s crises more than usual. The last thing you want to do is to surprise your manager at a board meeting when they find that the project has not been completed as expected. Excessive communication has a side benefit; You can find the answer to one of the problems stopping the program. You may resist communicating with your boss about a stalled project, you will gain clarity with transparency. Don’t leave the project on your shoulders alone.

Be patient.

You may have internal deadlines for a non-realistic project. Are you banking too much on a project, imagining how it will advance your career after it is implemented? You may need to restrain your expectations and be patient. The project may not have the immediate success you expect. Like any work that requires more weight lifting, be patient and let everyone catch you.

Celebrate small victories.

Take stock of your victories. Consider that even a small move forward is a win. Sometimes a small push is enough to get the ball rolling. Remember that small wins add up; Celebrate every success. When a large project is discontinued, a small victory can begin to progress; Don’t discount it.

Be transparent with your team.

When you get a stalled project, managing your team is one of the most important things you can do. For many team members, a stalled project can lead to a lack of motivation; Over time, they can leave. Lack of progress is one of the main reasons people leave their workplaces (another main reason: difficult bosses). To keep your team members motivated, keep meetings with one another. Be proactive; Answer the questions directly and honestly. With transparency, you should be able to prevent unnecessary deterioration. Ensure that regular communication with your team is part of your schedule.

Leading a stalled project is difficult. However, you can gain a sense of momentum by examining the problem, celebrating small wins, and over-communicating with your manager and team.

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