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How to play Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is a favorite in the multiverse and is just as lovable as he is on screen. He is one of the best characters in the game and has a lot of uses with him Mage class Set to move. Some characters have moves that players will never use, but Bugs Bunny is one of those few characters each one His moves can be used to create devastating combos or kill an opponent.

That is if players want to learn the character Powerful and reliable, then Bugs is a proper fit. This guide covers everything players need to know about Bugs Bunny’s moves and how to properly play the character.

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Movements and what they do

Here are all the moves Bugs Bunny has and some tips on how players should use them:


A safe investment (Neutral ground special)

  • Bugs Bunny Drops A goal Projectile safe To fall after a couple of seconds.
  • The safe can be hit to send it to the enemy.
  • when Safe breaks, item drops And Cooldown begins.
  • It’s one of the best bug repellants because it lingers and does A lot of damage.
    • -To snipe it forward, players can Side air attack safe.
    • -To make it move in slow motion, players can use their Ground side attack.

Safe Painter (Neutral Air Special)

  • Bugs Bunny Color the safe into reality, Drops it fast.
  • This is the primary way players want to spawn a safe.

Isn’t that a charmer? (Side Special)

  • Bugs Bunny Blows a kiss In other roles That is Charms– Charmed enemies Bewildered.
  • Kissing a friend irritates– Enraged enemies The next attack Applies to stocks of weakened This causes enemies to fly back.
  • This action can be The bad kind Without the perk, if players want to use it, they need to make sure Equip the perk It does Long lasting.

Rocket Rider (Side Air Special)

  • Bugs Bunny Raises a rocket He and his friends can ride.
  • conduct Shares a cooldown with special
  • A rocket can be used Initial.

Special Deliver-Rocket (Up Special)

  • What are they? Rocket up And start the cooldown.
  • The rocket then falls back into the arena.
  • If the The rocket is cooling, Then Bug Bunny uses his ears to climb up the helicopter.
  • This move can be used to get early kills.

Bunny Burrow (Down Ground Special)

  • Bugs Bunny will An underground burrow And become invulnerable.
  • Soon, they shoot and attack, leaving tunnels in place.
  • He can Exit the burrow quickly By leaps and bounds.
  • Allies Can teleport through tunnels by crouching.
  • Projectiles can be shot through a hole and come out the other side.

Bun On The Run (Down Air Special)

  • Errors dives towards the ground Before starting the burrow.


Whack-y, isn’t it? (Neutral Ground Attack)

  • Bugs Charges a Swing the mallet.
  • This action is a Large hitbox It hits in front of, above and behind the bugs.
  • This is one of the primary edge protection measures for bugs.

Helicopter Punch (Neutral Air Attack)

  • He does a Rotating punch It hits fast.

Why I agree! (Side Attack)

  • Spinning combination of punches It breaks the armour-Armor Enemies will not be able to dodge attacks They are doing.
  • Last hit is a strong punchBut players prefer to cancel the last punch to continue on other combos.
  • Charges a Bugs Kick.
  • This move Covers a lot of space Can be used in front of it and as an opener.
  • If the bugs are to retreat, this is the best course of action To use and retreat from opponents.
  • This is a good move Edge guard As the opponent flies back onto the platform.

Rabbit Kick (Up Ground Attack)

  • He accuses An upward kick.
  • This is a good move Combination in other movements Like neutral air.

Swing batta batta! (up air attack)

  • Bugs swings a baseball bat up
  • This is one Primary killing motion Because it does a lot of damage.

Pi Barrage! (down ground attack)

  • If the bugs bunny has a Pi is equipped And the input is pressed again, he throws the pi as a projectile.
  • The Pi heals allies It passes through and slowly applies to the enemy Hit.
  • He can Throw multiple pies Until he runs out of ammo.
  • This is a large projectile that, while lingering, can be hit around the map and will not decelerate until it falls off the map or hits an enemy.

Look below! (down air attack)

  • Bugs will Toss the pie if it is well seasoned.
  • If he doesn’t have a pie, he swings the mallet down.
    • – This move is good Guard the ledge.
    • -It also has a hitbox on it.


These additional tips will help players absorb and understand what they’ve learned:

  • Bugs Bunny’s inactive allows him Bend over and get the items.
  • Mr. Meesex’s box – It can be used as a projectile, which the player can throw as much as he wants without it disappearing.
    • -doing a Neutral Attack a Meeseeks It can kill opponents.
    • – using Makes a neutral attack box Disappears after a certain amount of use.
  • Sandwich – Bugs can throw a sandwich that hits for 7 damage and throws the player at an angle.
  • T.V – Can spawn one of two different allies.
    • Nectar – This little robot Throws the pies When it does .5 damage within a certain range of an enemy.
    • Banana Guard – Runs back and forth for 5 seconds and does 7 damage When he hit
  • Dynamite – Throws dynamite around 11 damage.
  • If Bugs Bunny makes a hole under the rocket he launched and it goes through it, it will go back through the other hole and bugs. Another rocket that leads there can be called Two rockets on the screen.
  • A is to do Burrow on the rocket And going through it launches the rocket on an upward trajectory.
  • Bugs Bunny has a lot of potential kill quickly Use his up air and rocket. Players should try and use this to their advantage Focus on combos that can get enemies in the air In the beginning.

Bugs Bunny Combos

These are the devastating combos Bugs Bunny can use to dominate his opponents:

  • Air Launch Bounce Combo – Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Up), Ground Attack (Neutral), Jump, Air Attack (Up)
  • Air Juggling Combo – Ground Attack (Side), Jump, Air Attack (Up), Air Attack (Neutral), Ground Attack (Up), Jump, Air Attack (Up)
  • High damage air launch knockback combo – Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Up), Jump, Air Attack (Side)
  • High damage up ring-out combo – Ground Attack (Neutral), Ground Attack (Up), Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Up)

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