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How to read the ‘Game of Thrones’ books in order

Has anything dominated pop culture quite like George RR Martin? A Song of Ice and Fire Owned by 2010? In the case of HBO game of thrones Earning more Emmy Awards than any drama series in history, Martin’s five-volume (so far) book series earned a huge display shelf in every bookstore in America, spawning an Iron Fleet of podcasts and websites dedicated to unpacking Martin’s narrative labyrinth. And with good reason – the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros is the most fully realized and compelling fictional world since Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

But today, it’s been three years since the final episode game of thrones And 11 years on from the latest book in the main series, the franchise’s cultural legacy is in a strange place. After seven highly acclaimed seasons, the TV series ended with the most disappointing final stretch since ABC. is lost (Unless you ask EsquireJustin Kirkland). And after publishing the first five books over a 15-year period, Martin has spent the past decade and some change from “the most public case of writer’s block in human history” trying to finish a sixth book. The Winds of WinterSome fans are wondering if we’ll ever get a chance to read the seventh and final book, A dream of spring.

This fall, HBO is taking another crack at Martin’s masterpiece House of the DragonA new series based on Martin’s prequel book, Fire and bloodIt chronicles the history of House Targaryen—the royal, dragon-riding, sometimes promiscuous, often insane ancestor of Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke. game of thrones.

If the timeline is confusing, that’s because it is. With five (of seven) books in the main series, plus one (of two) prequels, as well as three novels and a series of companion books, navigating the Seven Kingdoms can be challenging for beginners and experts alike. To help, whether you’re new to the franchise or you’ve already watched every episode, we’ve put together a reading order designed to provide the richest and smoothest-possible reading experience. game of thrones. Here we hope to add The Winds of Winter And A dream of spring to this list before 2040. (While you wait, check out our maps The Lord of the Rings, DuneAnd The Wheel of Time.)

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A Clash of KingsBy George RR Martin


A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms


The World of Ice and Fire


The Lands of Ice and Fire

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