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How to Recover Deleted Files from an SSD Drive

Losing their critical data is a nightmare for professional and personal computer users. While most of us can avoid this future with the advent of cloud storage, there are still huge data loss episodes that are unheard of.

In the following, we will dive into the exact methods to recover your deleted files from SSD drives. So let’s get started.

How to Recover Deleted Files from SSD Drives

You can lose your files for a number of reasons; Sudden shutdowns, nasty malware attacks, or accidental deletions are some of the most common. However, how you can recover your deleted files on your SSD drive is the same over the years.

Generally speaking, you can recover your lost Windows files through the Windows Backup and Restore method. But it doesn’t always work. In such cases, you may need some form of data recovery software that can retrieve deleted data for you.

These data recovery software programs use complex algorithms that make sense of your hard drive, find the location of the deleted files and then try to retrieve them. Now, there are plenty of such apps — some of them good, some of them absolutely bad. But mostly, they are all pretty similar and the work is easily done.

I recommend that you give open source applications first. For example, PhotoRec and Kickass Undelete are great, popular apps you can try.

However, if you can’t do your job with them, you’ll probably need to try a paid, third party. Again, you have plenty of options to choose from here. I recommend you go with Stellar Data Recovery; I have tried some of their tools in the past and found them to be helpful. But I reiterate that you don’t have to stick with it alone – you have a lack of options. Here’s a good list, for example, from Handy Recovery.

For this article, however, we stick with open source tools; We use the Kickass Undelete app here. To get started, first download and install the app.

Delete the kickass

Now, when you launch the application, you will see all the local drives on the left side of your PC. Select the drive you want to recover your files from, and then click Scan Button.

The scan will start and you will soon have all the deleted files on your drive as illustrated by the example above. All you have to do to restore them is to select the radio boxes and then click Restore files …

Do this and all your lost files will be recovered one by one.

Recovering deleted files from SSD

Losing your critical files can get you back in your job. Fortunately, nowadays, the Windows Marketplace is packed with applications that can recover your files without any problems. So don’t hold back and recover your files with any of the apps we discussed above.

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