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How to reduce cloud costs

The more workloads you move to the cloud, the more difficult it is to predict monthly cloud costs. Cloud services vendors such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft can help organizations avoid capital costs for new hardware, but that does not mean that you have made more cost-effective decisions about the specific services offered by these and other cloud vendors.

And it’s amazing that you’re only paying for the services you need, you need the CPA, the software engineer, the goods dealer and the keen eye for detail to try to parse your monthly bill.

This is because some cloud resources, such as high-performance, multi-CPU instances and high-volume storage repositories, run the meter quickly. Also, prices often change because vendors continually lower their fees to stay competitive or sludge the water with future resource use specialties that reward an advance plan known as reserve instances.

Some vendors offer gimmicks to get your data free of charge for incoming or outgoing data transfers. To complicate matters further, as vendors bring new cloud services, understanding the effects of choosing one type of service over another can be daunting.

Finally, the virtual instance of a CPU or hard drive is not the same across providers, making comparison shopping impossible.

The good news is that there are many tools and services designed to help organizations manage and optimize cloud costs. Tracey Wu of Forrester Research recently updated its report on this market segment. And Gartner has a list of 20 vendors in its “Cloud Management and Tooling” category.

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