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How to reduce the cost of home-cooked meals

For years, people saved money by cooking at home and not spending too much on expensive take-outs.

But with the skyrocketing price of groceries, cooking at home doesn’t save much money, especially if your meal includes meat or fish.

At the Dutchman’s Red Feather Larder Restaurant, steak tips aren’t the only sizzling.

From chef and co-owner Brad Bernstein to steak to salmon, the costs of food for restaurants and home cooks are skyrocketing.

“For example, Ribey steaks are going through the roof,” he said.

The price of their beef and poultry is up 15 percent this year.

Ways to reduce the cost of beef

So these award-winning chefs advise you to slim the meat portion of your diner and add more vegetables, rice, and pasta.

“Go back to that healthy cuisine, where the meat part should fit in your palm,” he advised.

Another tip of theirs: buy cheap meat and marinate them.

“Shoppers should check out some other items, such as flank steak, hanger steak, chuck roast, where prices are not high,” he said.

Unfortunately, it’s not just beef and chicken: at the price of so many other things – even milk and eggs – it’s hard to lower that home cooking bill.

“Inflation is coming at us from all angles, and it’s no fun,” says Kelly Goldsmith, a marketing professor at Vanderbilt University.

Ways to reduce shopping costs

To save on groceries, don’t visit your nearest grocery store, he says.

Instead, compare online store prices.

“If you’re not an online grocery retailer, you can at least use those portals to see what the prices are before you go,” he said.

And she warns you to look for budget-blowing impulse purchases when buying an expensive item in the store’s endcap or adding a latte to that shopping trip.

“Whenever you go to the grocery store and you’re a $ 8 person at Starbucks, you get yourself a drink and a snack, that’s nothing,” he said. “That adds up.”

Are you thinking of replacing a pricey home-cooked meal with an overnight meal? Beware of high prices at most restaurants this year.

“You have to keep in mind that these restaurants are facing inflation,” Goldsmith said.

Chef Bernstein agrees, saying you shouldn’t blame your local restaurant for the high menu prices. Many are not making a profit this year.

“It is constantly changing, and we feel we cannot keep up with the rising costs,” he said.

But some smart shopping and menu changes can help you reduce those costs, so you don’t waste your money.


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