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How to set up and use the Game Launcher on your Samsung Galaxy Phone

It is standard for people to expect their phones to be handheld gaming consoles. Apart from powerful chips and high refresh rate displays, today buyers look for a dedicated gaming mode where they can control key settings to optimize their gameplay and improve their gaming experience.

If you have a Samsung phone, you can do all this using the Game Launcher. What is Game Launcher, let’s see how you can enable and set it up and what you can do with it.

Samsung Game Launcher?

Game Launcher is one of the pre-installed Samsung apps that comes with every Galaxy device. It helps you organize all the games on your phone in one place. Samsung defines Game Launcher as “an all-in-one hub for finding the things you already like, finding more to play, discovering what’s trending, and sharing your game data.”

Whenever you download a new game, it will automatically appear in the Game Launcher along with your other installed games. Originally, Game Launcher was an alternative to Google Play Games with different user interface and features. Let’s see how you can set it up.

How To Set Up Game Launcher In Samsung

To enable the Game Launcher on your Samsung device, go here Go to Settings> Advanced Features And toggle on Game The Launcher. Now go back to your home screen and drag the app drawer, you will see the new Game Launcher app. Open it, tap it Continue Tap and accept the terms and conditions Allow To give the necessary permissions if prompted.

Once you activate the Game Launcher, the next step is to set up your gamer profile. Each gamer profile must have a unique name – it’s not the same as someone else’s gamer name in Game Launcher.

To create a gamer profile in the Game Launcher, tap User settings Menu (circle at the top of the main page), and tap Correction To select your avatar and write the name of your gamer. Don’t worry, you can change your avatar and gamer name later if you don’t like it.

5 Things You Can Do With Game Launcher

Given the number of features it has and its excellent library management, Game Launcher is easily one of the most useful features on your Samsung phone. It helps improve your gaming experience by increasing performance, reducing clutter and giving you more controls. Here are some things you can do with the Game Launcher:

1. Show games only in the Game Launcher

If you have a lot of games on your phone and they don’t want to fill your home and app screens, you can of course resort to putting them all in a separate folder. Gamer Launcher has a great solution: show your games in the launcher only.

This way, you are creating a dedicated space on your phone to find all your games. As a result, it makes your phone look cleaner and less busy. To do this, open, tap on the Game Launcher app Show more> Settings> Game AppsAnd select Game launcher only.

2. Play game demos without downloading

Just like the Google Play Store, Game Launcher lets you try out quick game demos to see if you’d like to download a new game. Samsung calls this feature Instant DramasAnd this is one of the tabs in the bottom menu bar.

In Instant Games, you will see the recommended games divided into different categories. You can browse games by selecting it from a specific category Popular Categories Option. Choose from categories like puzzle, arcade, sports, time, cards and more.

3. Add bookmarks for quick access

You can bookmark apps, webpages or photos to quickly access them while in the Game Launcher. This is useful when you are stuck at a certain level and need to find a YouTube tutorial or guide on the web. You can bookmark that webpage and refer to it when needed.

4. Improve the performance of games with the Game Booster

Game Launcher and Game Booster are two different applications, but they work together. While the Game Launcher is more of an app management tool, the Game Booster does a lot of weight lifting to increase the performance of the device while you’re playing.

You can tweak your Game Booster settings directly from the Game Launcher, so the next time you’re ready to start your favorite game, you can focus more on the game and lessen the difficulty with the settings. To do so, go More> Game Booster.

Here are some of the settings you will find:

  • Block during gameplay: Choose to block notifications, navigation gestures, auto-brightness, Bixby or Edge panels during play.
  • Touch protection has expired: Change the touch protection period when you want to keep the game running but prevent the screen from touching. Your phone will automatically lock the screen and dim the brightness until you unlock it manually.
    • Its an extension Touch protection power saving This reduces your game’s frame rate to save battery when Touch Protection is turned on.
  • Shortcut Bar: Add a floating shortcut bar that you can access during play. The shortcut bar lets you take screenshots, start screen recording, lock the screen, and open other apps in the pop-up panel.

5. Access your game notification history

You may know that a UI allows you to view your notification history. Game Launcher takes this one step further by showing you all the notifications received from games under one category. Simply open the app and go to the game notifications section. Here, you can see all the notifications by date or by game.

If you wish, you can set the game notifications to show only in the Game Launcher and remove them from showing in the General Notification Panel. To do so, go to the Notifications section of the game, tap the Three Dots menu, and tap Manage game notificationsAnd select Game In the launcher.

Set new records with the Game Launcher

Samsung Game Launcher is a really convenient place to organize your games and enjoy a more focused gaming experience. Discover new games, track your playing time, access your notification history and more — all in one app.

However, if you’re a more social gamer and want to play with friends, compare scores, unlock achievements and fight to have your name on the leaderboard, Google Play Games can serve you well.

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