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How to throw a magical midsummer pride party

In this episode Practical magic, Lisa Stardust offers tips to make midsummer more exotic. Always remember that magic is for believers, but this column serves as a guide to stay in touch with you – magically or not.

If you have not read or seen A Midsummer Night’s Dream, You are familiar with the dreamy and wonderful vibes that may come at the end of June. We are talking about flowers, forests and fairies – on magical bliss. But Midsummer is a true Scandinavian festival that celebrates the longest days of the year and the beginning of the sweet season.

Mid-summer traditionally occurs between June 19th and 25th. These are the longest days of the year, because summer is starting and the sun is shining more and brighter than ever. We can favor our pure form and rejoice in the wonderful solar power that is bestowed upon us. The roots of midsummer festivals have been around since ancient times, and this is especially popular in Sweden, where midsummer festivals are honored to be a magical time filled with love and prosperity.

Since the sun represents vitality and strength, Midsummer is the perfect time to party with friends. This is a magical time in which we can embrace our true souls and plant seeds for the future, which is why it is an important time to have a wonderful celebration of self and community.

Here are some ways to have the ultimate Midsummer x Pride party:

Invite all your friends to celebrate.

Being involved with the midsummer community, it is important to invite everyone to your party. Make a general post on social media detailing the festivities in practice. Let everyone who wants to attend the event have the opportunity to attend your Midsummer Party. Plus, it’s a great way to engage with people you’ve lost contact with and meet new friends (if your guests bring a plus one or three).

Flowers are essential.

Flowers represent the circle of life. The sun is an important life force for all of us, so it makes sense that flower arrangements are the key to this celebration. Sunflowers represent the sun, which is why they are often the flowers of choice. Dahlias, hydrangeas and lavender can also brighten any party. But go with whatever blooms in your area – that way you use the energy of the sun and earth around you. Other decorations should include rainbows – a symbol of Earth but of LGBTQ pride.

Wear the part.

Put on lighter clothes to reflect the environment around you. As it is the longest days of the year, it is important to tend to the refreshment of the solar element. In Sweden, where midsummer festivals flourish, people wear flower crowns in their hair. The brighter and bolder the colors, the better. Please note that shoes are optional, you may want to go barefoot to fully connect with this season.

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