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How To Use AnyDesk To Connect Remotely To Windows PC

In the post-epidemic world, where a large number of organizations are allowing their employees to work from home, connecting and using a remote computer is incredibly useful.

For example, you may want to access files stored on your work PC while you are away. If you find yourself in situations like these, give remote access clients like AnyDesk a shot.

Let’s dig a little deeper and see how you can use AnyDesk to connect to a remote PC.

What is AnyDesk, and Why Should You Use It?

AnyDesk is a remote desktop application that allows you to connect and use computers remotely. For example, with AnyDesk, you can connect from your bedroom to your work computer over the Internet.

AnyDesk works on all major operating systems including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux.

The main reason is the easy and convenient remote access to use AnyDesk. The client allows you to connect to remote Windows machines and use them just like you have on hand. This includes printing files stored on a remote PC, transferring files to your local computer, and alerting remote machines to sleep on the Internet.

Moreover, AnyDesk supports unattended access. With this feature, you can access the computer remotely without needing anyone to confirm the connection request. All you have to do is set a password on the remote machine and use the password to access it at any time on the network.

AnyDesk makes it even better for tasks such as support and remote work, which means the client doesn’t need a high-speed Internet connection.

How To Use AnyDesk To Connect And Use Remote PC

Before we dive into the details, remember that the local and remote PC aniDesk client needs to be running.

First, download AnyDesk. Double click on the downloaded file and it will launch the AnyDesk client. The first thing you see after starting the client is the screen with your address above. Anyone can use this address to connect to your computer.

If you want to give someone access to your computer or connect to a remote PC and don’t plan to use features like file transfer, you can use the client without installing it. But to use AnyDesk to its full potential, you need to install it.

So, click Install AnyDeskSet the installation path, select / deselect the options displayed on the screen and press Enter Accept and install. The client will automatically start once the installation is complete.

To connect to a remote computer, enter the address in the address bar above. The machine shows if the address is valid. Click on it and AnyDesk sends a connection request to the remote computer.

Once the user on the other end receives a contact request, you will be able to use the machine from within AnyDesk.

The same process works for mobile devices as well. For Android / iOS, install the AnyDesk app from the respective App Store. Launch the application and note the address. Use the address shown above to connect to your phone.

AnyDesk makes remote work a breeze … but it can’t replace a good laptop

With the ability to access unattended access, file transfer, local printing and the operating system regardless, AnyDesk is the best option for doing remote work.

That said, Enidesk is not a replacement for a powerful laptop. If you are somewhere with an iffy internet, the experience is less than ideal, as it relies on anyDesk network connection.

If you have the money to spend, a good computer is the best investment you can make to increase work efforts from your home.

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