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Is it almost championship time? Here’s how to prepare

When you’re preparing for a championship or club tournament, the best recipe for success is to practice a couple of drills that build confidence. We all have weaknesses in our game, but the day before the event is not a time for us to reinvent ourselves. The best players know how to create confidence by taking aspects of their craft and using it to set themselves up to compete.

On Wednesday, Celine Boutier was on the practice tee at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. In the lineup, he put in a couple of headovers to target pitching. The routine as a PGA coach quickly caught my attention. I know Celine is a tremendous method player. She is third in the LPGA for Strokes Gained Approach through KPMG Performance Insights.

In Strokes Gained Tea to Green, Boutier is ranked 18th. He is a tremendous ball striker from the fairway, but with the length of the congressional and four par 5s, pitching is a scoring field that makes a big difference. She’s not “practicing” her pitching, but instead she’s warming up for the championship.

  • For amateurs who want to copy the drill, here’s a breakdown.
    Get your rangefinder and a couple simple goals. (Those goals may already be out of range.)

  • Calculate a couple of yards you want to train / practice and put goals in those numbers.

  • Placing or choosing goals in a straight line is very helpful, so you do not need to change your alignment.

Once you set, start hitting the balls to the first target. Hit the five balls first and then work your way over the target line. Go through the ladder once, then start hitting one shot at a time for different targets. This makes the practice of course. Hit a shot for the first, then the third, the second, the fifth, the first, and so on.

Focus on the goal throughout the session. Try hitting the headcover or flag on each shot. Don’t be satisfied with getting close, literally try and hit the real goal. Allow the session to build confidence and rhythm in your movement through the striking zone.

Celine did not practice her pitching. As a PGA coach it is obvious that he is warming up for the week. Great players know how to properly prepare. Do not practice your weaknesses the day before the first round. Amateurs like to go to the Range the previous night and work on their problems. Note to yourself, you won’t improve before the first tee.

Build confidence in your abilities and they will fill your shortcomings. Like a boutique and analyze the course. Find out what strengths you need in your game and practice it before the playoffs. Take positive reinforcement for the course and you’ll be ready to do better.

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