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LCYC Art Camp offers children the chance to have fun with the artists | News Sun

LAGRANGE – In the far corner of the Lakeland Intermediate School building, a group of kids sit quietly at large tables – the art room – diligently working on art projects depicting ocean waves.

It’s Art Camp, an event sponsored annually by LaGrange Communities Youth Centers, a local non-profit organization created to help children. This year marks the tenth year of the art field.

Twenty-seven children flock to the school’s art classroom this week for the art camp. The children hail from all over LaGrange County and come to the camp for five consecutive days to enjoy three hours a day of art camp. Lakeland art teacher Amy Whited teaches at the camp.

“The art field offers a creative outlet for students who don’t normally get the chance to make art in the summer,” Whited said.

Art Camp is one of four camps that LCYC will host this summer. For LCYC Executive Director Jennifer Martin, the camps are just another part of the organization’s mission to provide good summer opportunities for LaGrange County children.

“These camps offer kids opportunities they don’t necessarily have. The great thing is that the fields touch the lives of children across the county, ”she explained. “We have kids from Lakeland, Westview and Prairie Heights schools here, but we also have kids who have studied at home. We reach out to guys from all over the province. I feel lucky because we are able to offer these opportunities to our community and make a difference ”.

This year’s group is the largest that has ever participated in the art field. Whited said the camp and her three-hour window allows her to teach techniques that she normally fails to teach during shorter school class periods.

“Art campers can try out new media or techniques that aren’t always introduced in the classroom,” he said. “Sometimes in a classroom, time is a factor, class size or materials are why some of the art field projects are not included in the school curriculum.”

Whited is a huge fan of the pitch.

“The art field provides a vehicle for self-expression and self-exploration in the creation of art. Each day, campers meet for three hours to experiment with a variety of media and hone the artist’s talents. LaGrange needs more fields like this for our young people to learn new things and have new experiences. “

Martin said that after COVID, fields like this are important because they help children by putting them back in social contexts.

“COVID has really, really put a number on a lot of children in the past couple of years,” he explained. “This gives them the opportunity to go back, socialize, re-develop social skills and reconnect with their peers. So, it’s really important for them to be able to have these kinds of fields that keep them busy, social and keep their creativity in motion “.

Next month, LCYC will host two more day camps for children, a conservation camp in partnership with the LaGrange County Department of Parks and Recreation, and a drama camp for children with talent in the theatrical arts. More information on both fields can be found on the LCYC Facebook page and on the LCYC website,

Whited said camps like Art Camp, Conservation Camp, and Drama Camp are important resources for the community.

“In more urban areas, there are many opportunities for young people on their way to the fields. I am proud that LCYC has offered new camps this summer to our young people, ”she said. “Our young people deserve the opportunity, just like urban youth, to participate in fun and exciting adventures across the fields.”

Art Camp ends today with a free art exhibition in the Lakeland Intermediate School’s multimedia room. The art exhibition starts at 11:00

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