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Local artist from Nigeria brings his talent to Strathmore! –

20-year-old artist Semiloore has only been in Strathmore for four months with his family, but he’s already making himself and his art a part of the community!

Semiloore came to Strathmore from the Nigerian capital of Abuja. Abuja has a population of over 1.2 million people, with a metropolitan area estimated at over 6 million. It was an adaptation for Strathmore, but so far he’s enjoying the quieter, small-town life.

“It’s a beautiful city, the people here are nice, so it’s great,” he said.

Semiloore is a photographer and is bringing his unique art style to Strathmore

“My artistic style is something I like to call dream realism. The way I see the world is … I see the world in color, I see interesting compositions wherever I go. My mind always works as if I were photographing, even if” I’m not actually taking the picture. So my art is basically me trying to introduce that dream landscape, that world in my head, that imagination, I try to bring it to reality “.

Basketball semilore art“Shoot for the Moon” by Semiloore

The photo above “Shoot for the Moon” was taken in Strathmore at Westmount Elementary! Although her images have a unique and beautiful aesthetic, you will notice that some of them are scenes that you may see in your everyday life. This is because Semiloore bases his art on realism.

“Even though it has a sense of dreaming, it is still rooted in reality. That’s why I call it dream realism, because I look at the world in a very childish and dreamy way. But I also realize that with something like photography you can’t make it. unrealistic, it will seem false, so I want my art to be based on realism. “

Semiloore art car“Times of the period” by Semiloore

Since his art is based on realism and his perspective on life, this sometimes means that his photos were taken out of the blue, like “Vintage Times”.

“I went back to my hometown and we were passing this church and hospital and I thought ‘I really need to take a picture before this car goes by’ so I had a few seconds, 5 seconds to take a picture, and it turned out well, I was just glad that was how it turned out. “

Semiloore said he also does portraits and if you are interested in having his photograph taken you can contact him on his cell phone at 403-325-2787. You can also get in touch with his Instagram, where you will see many more of his works. He added that he is also happy to discuss art and photography and meet new people, so you can contact him if you are also the artistic type who wants to share your passion with a fellow artist!

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