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Local artist Michael Bruner changes the brand with the release of the song “yeah yeah”

Local musician and IU graduate Michael Bruner released his latest song, “yeah yeah”, on June 15th.

“You’re having feelings for someone and you’re starting to understand that you both have this compatibility, this connection,” Bruner said. “It’s exciting, you’re starting to wonder and fantasize about each other. And it’s just a song about lust.

Bruner said he had no plans for what the song would be like and just wrote what felt natural to him to say.

He said he’s committed to working on music and new songs every morning. “Yeah yeah” was the result of Bruner having the melody of Stephen C. Foster’s “Camptown Races” stuck in his head, he said. He layered his ideas on the melody before completely removing the original melody.

Bruner first released music in 2015 for a senior high school project. He released two songs a couple of years later, but said he didn’t feel those songs represented himself and eliminated them.

He said those songs were experiments and “yeah yeah” is his comeback.

Frankie Figueroa, photographer for the album cover, had Bruner pose behind two red sheets. Bruner said he associates the song with the color red.

“The fabric also plays into the thematic content of the song because I think it’s very inspired by romance and bedroom moments with someone you’re close to,” Bruner said.

IU graduate Matthew Teden has known Bruner in and out of the recording studio for a year.

“Michael brings the happiest, most bouncy energy that I hear showing in his pocket drum grooves and playful vocal harmonies,” said Teden.

Teden said Bruner has the ability to create a feeling through his music. With emotional storytelling, Teden said Bruner embraces the imperfections in his music and creates a cohesive aesthetic.

“I love the speed with which the song comes to the heart of the narrative,” he said. “The beginning of the song doesn’t seem abrupt, but it doesn’t waste a single second of unnecessary time.”

Local rapper Elias McDermott Sipe has been friends with Bruner for seven years. Sipe said Bruner never fails to write well-structured verses.

“I’m super excited and proud of Michael because I feel like he’s renamed his art,” said Sipe. “He has released music in the past, but with this song it’s like a new era for Michael.”

With pop influences like Joji and Charlie Puth on Bruner’s new music, Sipe said he was thrilled with Bruner’s rebranding.

“He’s always been an artist,” Sipe said. “But now I think it’s time for it to explode.”

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