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Local artist selected to design the next downtown mural | News, Sport, Work

Local artist Molly Strong was selected to design and install a new mural in the Spring Street parking lot in downtown Jamestown. The garage is already home to murals featuring Lucille Ball.

A local artist was commissioned to design and install the next mural in the city.

Officials used an open application process to select Molly Strong, an artist who has a variety of exhibits, including murals at the Beer Snob and Love Elementary School. Strong’s latest work will be installed in the Spring Street parking lot, formerly home to murals featuring Lucille Ball.

Ellen Shadle, chief town planner, said Strong was chosen for several reasons.

“The merit of his work was great”, Shadle said.

While all of the apps had legitimate credit for their work, Shadle said that knowledge of Strong’s community made his question stand out. The city hopes to use the other candidates for further artwork in the future.

Local artist Molly Strong was selected to design and install a new mural in the Spring Street parking lot in downtown Jamestown. The garage is already home to murals featuring Lucille Ball. Photo by PJ of Timothy Frudd

Strong’s mural will join the existing Lucy murals in Jamestown and will be featured as part of that of the city “Spring Street Garage Landscaping” project.

“The concept he presented, we felt it would coexist very well with Lucy and would be a great complement to Lucy.” Shadle said.

Strong’s broad design concept is still being defined by the project committee. The speakers hope to create a successful mural by bringing different perspectives to Strong’s artistic work.

“We are still working on the concept with Molly”, Shadle said.

The new mural will be unveiled along the entrance to the staircase connected to the downtown car park, as well as on the exterior wall currently featuring Lucille Ball. While Strong’s artwork will complement Lucy’s murals, the design will be something different.

“Lucy is her person. We certainly want to honor her and maybe dress her up a bit with the portions of the mural that will be next to Lucy. Shadle said. “We hope the community responds positively. We hope this will contribute to further initiatives and showcases “.

The city hopes the project will make the parking experience more enjoyable by allowing people to do so “have something beautiful to drive in and experience as they come and go from the parking lot”, Shadle said.

The city has received a $ 5,000 grant that will be used to pay for the landscaping project. A grant for Arts Services Inc.’s Community Arts program made the initiative possible.

The terms of the grant require the project to be completed by 31 December. The city expects the installation of the mural to extend throughout the summer and early fall.

The beautification program is made possible with funding provided by the Statewide Community Regrant Program, a New York State Council of the Arts dropout program supported by the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature and administered by Arts Services Inc.

“I hope it means that we will be able to really inspire some support for public art projects”, Shadle said.

Shadle said the goal is to make this more than just a “lump sum” project. The plan is for the mural to be the first of future subsequent projects. He hopes to see more murals, sculptures and live performances contribute to the city of Jamestown.

“The project will also serve as a gateway to creating a dedicated public art platform for Jamestown and subsequent future projects. We look forward to the contribution that this grant and the selected artist and concept will make to pave the way for the future of public art in our city “, the city said in a press release.

Strong’s mural is separate from the town’s structural improvements to the parking lot.

“It is actually just a very fortuitous coincidence that this project coincides with the structural repairs and improvements they are making”, Shadle said.

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