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Meet FWEY, the Haitan artist who brings freshness to the world

According to FWEY, his love of music started at a young age. He started out as a drummer and moved on to rap and singing as a child. Along the way, between 2011 and 2012, he was affiliated with the Majors, having started making music with his brother.

“My brother still works with me on this music. I made records with Gucci [Mane] and Dr. On tour with a doobie, P diddy. You know, I’ve just been there. I just worked. I come from a large Haitian family. You know, so I represent the Haitian everywhere. I’m from Miami, Florida, born and raised in Miami, Florida “, He said.

FWEY eventually moved to Minnesota, where he adopted the infamous Minnesota swag. This complemented his Caribbean style even more than he did.

“So I try to try and mix all the ribs together. That’s why the sound is, you know, the sound is a little bit different because you get a Southern hip hop, Midwestern hip hop and Caribbean style sound. And I try to mix everything together to get something unique and different from the audience “, He continued.

FWey talked about his childhood, growing up with Haitan parents and the impact it had on him. Growing up with a pastor for a father and a very holy woman for a mother instilled the ethics of real life in young FWEY. He compared his upbringing to that of Africans. “So let’s get very strict”, He said.

“We grow up just like they teach us and they give us a lot of good faith in God and the belief that to follow, you know, following the path of the church. Of course, we grew up on the streets too. So we got involved in a lot of street stuff. But with the foundation, my mother and father left us. I grew up with good morals in life. But, you know, we had our difficulties, we grew up very poor. ” He added.

According to the lively and outspoken artist, one of his lasting childhood memories will be moving to Haiti as an American-born Haitan to reconnect with his foundation. When he visited Haiti, where he lived for a year and a half, the trip exposed him to the reality of life.

Telling the lessons, he said, “So it opened my eyes to see my cousins ‚Äč‚Äčliving that way. And we had to live that way too, you know. So it gave me, you know, both sides of the world. You know, it gave me America and me. He gave Haiti too. You know, so I, I know the struggle in the streets, in the hood of America. But I also understand that it’s still a privilege. Because I also faced the struggle in Haiti. So I have a good balance in that. because I work a lot for my people. You know, I work a lot for my people to give people opportunities they don’t have. “

FWEY, who started making music professionally at the age of 13, was recording and making mixtapes before becoming famous in Minnesota at the age of 19. Years ago, his band Hooked stars was one of the hottest bands in Minnesota, giving him the belief that music is a divine calling.

FWEY’s debut album, ‘Only for you,’ was released in 2019. An eight track project featuring Gucci Mane. FWEY, when asked about the project, denies having done it for a lady.

In his words, “No, it was strictly for the fans. I was on tour. I did a 25 city tour with Doobie and, you know, everyone was asking for an album. So I said, listen, I’m going to put this EP together just for you, you know, something I’ve prepared just for the audience. For fans only. Something different. I think we had like seven or eight songs, something like that. But yes, both only strictly for the public, for the fans. My job is to grab every emotion from the fans where there is a club ready with love music, be it music, battle, depression or something like that. So everything is just for you, only for the fans. “

He went on to tell how his collaboration with Gucci Mane came about. According to him, the collaboration happened when Gucci Mane was simply known as Big Gucci, just before he (Gucci Mane) went to jail.

“We met him in Atlanta, he checked the track and fell in love with it. You know, he went and went to the studio, he composed a verse in about 10 minutes. We had to do a whole mixtape together. We had labels, problems with the genre when it came to the mixtape and all. But we had a good vibe, you know. So I’m looking forward to working with him again in the future, “ He added.

To shed more light on the label issues, FWEY preferred to remain neutral in the debate on Indies and labels. His point of view is that it depends on what the artist is trying to accomplish, as well as on his goals and aspirations.

“For me, it depends on what your goal is for me, because the independent path is about because the independent path, you have a lot of money in yourself. I have spent a lot of money on my music. You know, I have well spent over hundreds of thousands on my music. So the independent path is a long path. I mean, but I would say to do it independently, you know, all the coins, all that money. So, you know, you are the 100% owner, but you also have to make sure to be the 100% owner of something worth something “, He said.

His most recent single, ‘Lost control,’ is a dark, mid-tempo R&B song with Caribbean undertones. According to him, it is a remake of an old group. It is also the soundtrack of a film starring Vivica Fox.

FWEY admits that “the industry is complicated” when discussing his challenges as a musician and how difficult it has been to navigate the industry. She claims that people are always ready to take your money, invest in it and take advantage of you.

“So what is this game like, you just have to watch it because there are a lot of people who, you know, do fun things that do fun business. And then this industry is like and plus with the industry there is a lot of ass kissing. I’m the type who kisses no one else. [There are] a lot of ego, you know everyone wants to be celebrated. It’s too much emotional affairs and things like that. So it’s not about talent, no more about the back you put yourself in, the image you have, you know. So this is the biggest challenge in making sure you don’t short sell yourself. “

FWEY talked about his brand and what he is trying to sell to the rest of the world.

The FWEY brand is best defined by its freshness and uniqueness. The taste brand aims to sell experiences to the rest of the world. “So the experience is fresh and unique,“he added. His music is indifferent, pleasant and has a fresh and inviting aroma that creates a unique experience. He avoids listening to music on purpose to avoid sounding like the last guy who listened to his record. This allows him to create new ones. magical sounds out of nowhere.

He also talked about his plans to visit Africa and why everyone should dream of visiting the motherland. In his words, “I think it should be the goal of every black person in the United States or around the world (Haiti, from Jamaica). [The goal] to visit and see what the motherland is like. But I intend to come to Africa hopefully this year. If not this year, then next year “.

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