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Meet Ryan Castro – Billboard

On TikTok, Ryan Castro’s “Mujeriego” sound has nearly two million video creations. People of all ages and parts of the world connected to the vibrant merengue fusion that ultimately put Castro on the map. But 14 years ago he sang on local buses trying to make a living.

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Watch the latest videos, charts and news

“My story begins in my humble barrio of Pedregal (located north of Medellín) ”, says Castro Scoreboard. “Since I didn’t have enough resources for my studies, I started singing at bus stops and on buses. This is how I was able to buy my clothes and support my family ”.

A dreamer heavily influenced by hip-hop biopic films, such as Eminem’s 8 miles and 50 cents’ Get rich or die trying,Castro said his first supporters were his friends the barriowho baptized him as his own “ghetto singer” (ghetto singer).

His strategy at the time was to upload his music to YouTube and SoundCloud without a real marketing plan. As his music spread locally, he landed on the radar of famed Colombian artist Kevin Roldan, whom he credits as the first artist to “support my music and get involved in my project”.

It was then, about four years ago, that he decided to take his music career seriously and build a team. Now, with a strategic plan behind all of his releases, Castro has positioned his music internationally, with singles like “Mujeriego” and “Jordan” entering both the Scoreboard Global 200 and Global excl. American rankings.

“’Jordan’ is the song that everyone identifies with,” he explains. “I feel like it’s my biggest hit because it’s about urban street fashion and my personal flow. ‘Mujeriego’, on the other hand, shows my versatile and exploratory side. Many artists are criticized for taking the risk of doing other genres, but I have received a lot of support from even the greatest merengue artists. “

Ryan Castro

Ryan Castro
@carlosoarturo and @danielarcilafoto

Castro’s career has catapulted into the last year or so, not only establishing a friendship with Karol G, but also opening his “Bichota” show at the Estadio Atanasio Girardot in Medellín and earning the Heat Latin Music Award 2022 for best new artist. He is also nominated twice for the next Juventud Premios as best male artist of the new generation and best social dance challenge for “Jordan”. In August he will continue with his first ever US tour which has already made pit stops in Miami, West Palm Beach and Orlando.

As for an artist who comes from barrios in Medallo and is the Colombian star of the moment, Castro owes it all to two things: dedication and support: “It’s the discipline I’ve had in my career,” he observes. “I work daily for my projects, my dreams and my fans. I think it’s a team effort from my audience and Ryan Castro as an artist. “

Learn more about this month Scoreboard Rising Latin Artist Below:

First name: Byran Castro

Age: 28

Recommended song: “Jordan”

What is one thing we should know about the Medellín music scene? There is a lot of talent on the streets of Colombia. Many of them don’t even have social media or have the desire to become famous but they are very good singers and producers. I want people to know that emerging artists in the country are working hard with a lot of love and respect. There is no war between artists, on the contrary, we are united, we work together so that the genre in our country can grow. I know that one day they will have the same opportunities as me ”.

Great result: “I should say both my tours in the US and Europe. It is so important for me to get my music out of Colombia ”.

What’s next: “I’m working on my first album called ‘El Cantante del Ghetto.’ I want him to have a lot of collaborations, especially with artists I grew up listening to. I’m putting in a lot of love and I hope it marks the beginning of a lot of good things in my career. “

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