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MLB Reveals July Apple TV + Schedule | How to Watch MLB Friday Night Baseball Games on Apple TV +

MLB has revealed the schedule for the 2022 season in June and will be aired Apple TV + On the streaming platform’s “Friday Night Baseball” show in July.

Fans can watch the game through a free trial Apple TV +.

How to subscribe to APPLE TV +

Notable games in July include the Shohei Ohtani-led Los Angeles Angels, vs. the Houston Astros, the Jordan Alvarez-led, and the Chicago Cubs vs. the Philadelphia Phillies. The first half of the doubleheader schedule was made public on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 and many of them have already been played.

Here is the rest of the schedule, courtesy of

Friday, July 1st

Texas Rangers at New York Mets 7 pm ET (Apple TV +Free trial)

Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros 8 pm ET (Apple TV +Free trial)

Friday, July 8th

Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers 8 pm ET (Apple TV +Free trial)

Toronto Blue Jays at Seattle Mariners 10 pm ET (Apple TV +Free trial)

Friday, July 15th

Pittsburgh Pirates at the Colorado Rockies 8:30 pm ET (Apple TV +Free trial)

The Arizona Diamondbacks at the San Diego Padres at 9:30 pm ET (Apple TV +Free trial)

Friday, July 22nd

Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies 7 pm ET (Apple TV +Free trial)

Cleveland Guardians at Chicago White Sox 8 pm ET (Apple TV +Free trial)

Friday, July 29th

Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays 7 pm ET (Apple TV +Free trial)

Chicago Cubs at San Francisco Giants 10 pm ET (Apple TV +Free trial)

Here’s the latest baseball story from the Associated Press:

An investment group led by former Houston Astros general manager Jeff Luhno, who lost his job in baseball for sign-theft, has acquired Spanish soccer club Leganes.

“We will do everything we can to improve this club,” Luhno said in Madrid on Thursday after buying the second division squad for an undisclosed sum from former owners Victoria Pavone and Felipe Moreno.

Leganes is a modest club in the South Madrid neighborhood. The team finished 12th in the second division of 22 teams last season.

Two years ago, Luhno and Astros manager AJ Hinch were suspended for a year by Major League Baseball for the 2017 World Series title during Houston’s race and again during the 2018 season when the sign-stealing program was designed to be used. They were later fired in January 2020.

Luhno is head of Blue Crow Sports, an investment group that includes investors from the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Canada. Earlier this month, Blue Crow Sports Mexican Club completed the acquisition of Cancun FC.

Since 2008, Leganes has been owned by a local couple, Pavone and Moreno, who took over while clubbing in debt and playing in the third division.

The club was promoted to first division for the first time in 2016. It has spent four seasons competing with the top teams in Spain before going down. The greatest achievement of 2017-18 was when Real beat Madrid on their way to the Copa del Rey semifinal.

Luhno’s talks began with the former owner in September. He said his group chose Leganes as they considered Spanish soccer to have the most growth potential in the European game because of the league’s tight cost control measures and its recent investment deal with a private equity firm.

As the new president of Leganes, Luhno said his group wants to build on its youth teams, promote its women’s team and invest in technologies such as the use of big data analytics.

“All sports have used technology to create advantages and we want to do that,” Luhno said in Spanish. “We have a bunch of people with experience, including the Premier League and MLS who know how to use technology and Leganes can take advantage of it. Soccer is a bit behind other sports … but that will change in the coming years.

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(The Associated Press contributed to this report)

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